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  1. Monte, do you still have the Simplex?
  2. Hey James! Welcome! I'm originally from Independence Ky but live now in Fort Myers and Western North Carolina
  3. We're just outside Burnsville. Get hold of me this spring and we'll hunt together
  4. We have a house in Yancey county will be back there in April. What part you from?
  5. Hey Joe! Thank you to you guys for the welcome. I live in the Fort Myers area and we have a summer home in Western North Carolina. I will detect up there when we head north. I think I would like to get a small shovel of some type. Any recommendations?
  6. Hello all, Floridian here. I detected for years and got away from the hobby for awhile. Work, 5 kids, and numerous other priorities will sometimes do that to us! I need a new machine and used to always use Minelab. I was looking at the Eqiunox 600? I don't know a thing about the machine except what I read and hoping to get some input from you guys! Once again, HELLO! and looking forward to hearing from Y'all
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