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  1. Buna I think that was a pointy finger !👍 Gerry , are you saying the 900 found that,,,,,,from an airplane ? Impressive !! maybe I should upgrade the 800 ? All new questions I have about long range detectors will be properly directed. 😜 I'm going to put Idaho into my waypoints for future reference yup yup. Santa , are you listening ? (And I'll answer before you ask. Yes everything is covered in white and I'm just not feeling it on detecting right now..🥶 Any hints on how I can leave no trace digging dirt through snow? I already tried covering it all up with more snow but that could become problematic in April.....🤔) Anxiously awaiting your direction while I look for my insulated green boots with the ice cleats... P.S. Don't forget the sunblock.......
  2. The best job ever is the one you love most. The never have to work part is BS though.. 😉 I've already sent out the dogs , they should have you treed up by the time I get there to P/U my next detector........
  3. Not goggled but duck duck go had this. https://raregoldnuggets.com/?p=1903
  4. Excellent point Gerry ! No matter who you pick , the dealer/ members here are a better choice , no doubt about it !. Has anybody ever seen those sporting goods places or Amazon giving out great clues of detecting advice or posting finds pics like you guys do ?????? (probably swallow any nuggie they put in their mouth too ! ,,,I have noticed none of the chunks that you chomp would be possible to swallow anyway .... LOL) 🖖Live Long and Prospect
  5. Good to hear.👍 Never underestimate the power of the sea folks . You will lose that bet. Lessons like that learned by experience tend to stick with ya ! Now getting back to business , how about a pic of that booty ?😜🏴‍☠️
  6. Scary stuff ! I was just posting about I lost a friend diving when I was younger in a welcome post to Goonie Pirate . Keeps ya focused. Some info on me pirate days too. I think everybody here has a bit of pirate in 'em.....
  7. Yeah , had a urchin diver friend that never surfaced as a teen. Makes ya think twice about everything you do on the ocean. Didn't stop me from doing the risky stuff , just did it slower . LOL. That was before I "grew up" ,,,I spent my life wearing all the hats on my dream job doing live sound for touring bands . But a couple years after I retired I decided to become a pirate first chance , a friend said more like fat chance . So , I sent in my resume and whaddayaknowwwww I got a call ! Passed the audition ( I wasn't shy and didn't freeze up in front of an audience). And there I was, a 53yo professional pirate ! It was just in a theme park but it was a real ship and those kids sure thought I was real ! One of my fave tours ever ! Now , I'm just that old guy with the detector over there ! They don't have to know about the pirate ... ya know , the wardrobe lady told me to sing row row row your boat with the kids,,,,,well she almost got that.... I thought it was lame almost as much as the kids did. So I did it,,,, Pirate Version ! The ship already had the oars built in. Row , Row , Row the ship , across the ocean green. Merrily , merrily , merrily , merrily... ALL THE GOLD'S FOR ME ! I still sing it now ,,,while I'm detecting arrrrrrrr !
  8. Yer makin' me seasick , th' good kind though I miss that sh ,, stuff but still have seal costumes and a couple accessories ...mostly to wade in streams with quick bottom dips to check on beeps these days.. Only did 1 beach this summer , might do some in the cold but staying up on dry , the sea be 42 today , maybe back in younger days...and besides the Cap is in Nebraska and he took the boat , sold it for a camparrr ! 😫 I figured you'd know about the rip , just added it in case a lub decided to try driftin' like that. For you ,, just don't follow them mermaids ! ooooie .
  9. Hey Skull ! I've been thinking about your hunt. Maybe you should let the currents take you around more often? It almost seems to have decided you were a treasure and was sorting you into the proper spot with the rest of the treasure. Ya never know about the sea.🥸 PLUS one more trick in the tool box ! arrrrr Just read your last response . An OZ ? THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout ! Might want to disregard the currents when there's a rip tide .
  10. Interesting group of blades Doc ! And a silver too . Too bad the rest of the locomotive wasn't there , maybe next hunt ? I found a more modern knife last summer but it didn't look much better than any of those , maybe worse .🤔 350 More permissions !👍
  11. Who is it? Dave? Dave's not here ! Welcome aboard Dave ! (Sorry , I couldn't resist !) That merc is a good one to start out detecting silver coins with ! WTG!
  12. Welcome aboard Goonie ! 🏴‍☠️ I B A pirate too ! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr You weren't actually in the movie were you ? That would be 🤯 . New detector hunting huh ? What do you prefer to look for and where ,and maximum budget you have to spend will help us a bunch with recc's of that dream detector you seek..
  13. Welcome aboard Elbows ! Sounds like you're off to a good start. Don't be shy . now you can actually ask questions.... Good Luck out there ! (duh 😆, you're Irish guess you didn't need that?) LOL Pics of the hoard you find !
  14. That's a bust ? Looks like an overflowing finds pouch from here. 😎 All that anything good mustah saw you coming ... I take it easy with the big coil too. My elbow got too used to the little one this summer .
  15. gopher Outstanding display . 🧐 But you're making me look bad😆 It's a good thing , keeps my head from swelling too much...
  16. Oh my goshk ! I realize now that what I posted could have 2 meanings...I'll work on that. I meant envy your field but hope there's a possibility I might find one of those largies somewhere here on the fairgrounds.👍 But , yeah on getting permissions on the fields around here though .A lot of farms here uptah camp are disappearing to development 😩 . I do keep some opening speeches in a notebook to rehearse but there's always room for more . Just meeting them is a half the battle win . I spent some time last summer here volunteering in the pulling/show barn .....ya know, getting my cred's in the livestock community so they might recognize me when I do ask or knock. I was working the sound crew at the same time so got to meet other locals in the fair community . (Including at some of the concessions booths of the non carnie variety ) Plus some of the regulars see me detecting around for the last year. Easy to talk to once they ask if you found anything good . ( Just thinking,,,I am more likely to show someone that doesn't ask though ! hmmmm🤔) Maybe that would be a good time to ask FOR a permission ? "No, there's not much of anything good here . Do you have someplace with interesting history that I could look on ?" They'd only ask once and might be a few that say "yup yup hook ya up chummy" ! Well , something similar anyway.. You live in a colonial/CW paradise of detecting , guess I'm trying to emulate as best I can but the fair IS 145 years old. 😜 and STILL NOT frozen solid !👍 It wasn't earlier but tomorrow it might be. Clocking as many hours as I can in the meantime. Not sure if the new shovel will buy me more ? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr🏴‍☠️
  17. Welcome to the posting side of the forums.
  18. Field envy.🥸 I know there must be one of those here SOMEWHERE !
  19. Wherever you go , try them all.Then use the one that works best. Eventually you will be able to pick the right program without the trials.. Good Luck .🥸
  20. I think I have extended my season a bit. Got a root slayer shovel , I can barely carry it for an hour and I have to climb up a foot to jump on it but it EXTENDS my season !!!🥸 Think I'm gonna mod my cheap garden spade to look like the slayer only a mini me , that I can carry all day (3 hours 🤔)
  21. With all the targets in this place a no-thing day is impossible unless I stay inside.😜 The nox on 50 tones and all metal button sounds like an EVH solo. Think I could play eruption intro if I swing at just the right speed...😎
  22. Hot spot or not. No aluminum would make my day. Nice 100 YO Merc frosting on that 225 YO Largie. Yummmmmmmm !😎 8 miles 350 ? 😯 Skheeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww . I went out for a couple of hours and only made it about 60 yards from the rig.......massive rain last night into mid morning . 50 kt gusts dried it out pretty quick by noon . Targets were banging ! Easy digging here too. Clad and a 22 casing ..
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