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  1. I'm a little late to this thread...the view from my porthole. Every ship has to scrape off the barnacles or they hold it back. πŸ₯Έ And to all not barnacles . May the finds be with you.πŸ––
  2. Even the junk looks pretty good.😎 Smooth water envy.πŸ––
  3. πŸ‘Nice looking baby 90403 ! (WAY more fun getting the hook back on those babies! πŸ₯Έ)
  4. I'd say you won the fishing derby reeling in booty that day no matter what he caught in the water Amw ! What did the younger say when he saw your dirt catches 🀯 ?
  5. DAVE Raking with a magnetic rake has been berry berry good to YOU ! πŸ€— She's workin' , keep it in the truck . Did ya get another permission from your visitors ?
  6. Oh, yuz guts perskeverensk eh? Makes ya a better dirt pirate , I'll tell you ! Sure paidskoff this timesk. Olivesk is me goil . Yuz means the Sea Hag no doubtsk. If she's around , watchk out for her goonsk on that spotsk! Some areas here are getting pretty hard too Dr.B . My elbows hate that stuff !πŸ™„
  7. I just read 14 pages . Garrett sure got their publicity money out of that model release statement ! Interest is building to tsunami levels and some are already on the buy list....πŸ‘ WTG ! I think the upgrade part is a great path. I look forward to reading the posts about the rest of it after it's in our dirty little hands. Don't judge a book by the cover. Let's see how she fights in the wild arrrrrrrrrr ! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
  8. Welcome aboard T Living on your own permission is awesome !
  9. Silver and a sword ! Proper pirate plunder,,,,perfect .πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
  10. Some nice ones in there besides that yellah Toad ! Not only do you know which lures to use there , they left you a variety pack ! Was the knife still usable ? Sounds like a nice cool place to spend summah yup yup.
  11. They even look comfortable. πŸ‘ THX mn. And the price looks very comfortable too .πŸ€”
  12. I was glad it was the big one that was real !😎 All would still look good on a finger.πŸ––
  13. Wow Dave !🀯 You can post hunts like those anytime ! πŸ‘ If you have pics to go with it , post 'em up ! πŸ₯Έ Thanks for your service , and WTG on being able to do it with a detector !
  14. Way better than thinking it will be trash and then it is trash. πŸ₯Έ If you don't dig , it might as well be trash . Maybe we should post adverts for a psychic detecting partner?πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
  15. It cooled off with a front coming through 78* so. Late day hunt just wandering around here up tah camp . Walking too fast and swinging that 6" coil faster (it was getting dark) I found 2 coin spills and a few straggler in 2 hours. 3 quarters , 5 memorials and 10 zincs. 2 bottle caps. 1 scrap piece of aluminum roof all folded up. (Just had to know what sounded so weird and rang up a zincoln # .) Sorry no pics of the gold ring but it should be in the next hole.........πŸ™„But I'll take another quarter if it isn't.
  16. Welcome aboard Saker ! What arrr ya swingin' ?πŸ₯Έ
  17. Welcome aboard O Amazing Oracle ! Before you get started , could you tell me where I will find big (any?) gold ? Hey , I had to ask.🀩 I'll give you a few clues about getting started in return. Lots here already for you to read (but asking questions as they come up will help you learn faster.) The best place to start is Steve's Guides ! Beware though , diggin' up treasure might turn ya into a dirt pirate arrrrrrrrrrr ! 😏
  18. GP925 is still silvarrrrrr and so is the spoon . 2 massive silvers totaling over an ounce on any hunt is not too shabby , yessuh ! A goose that old would probably be way too tough to eat anyway....πŸ€” I'd keep the tag .
  19. I keep seeing those two Washingtons staring each other down.....old George says.... "Who are you ,and what happened to your face ?" Keeping on a target can be next to impossible sometimes. So many things to fight . Besides the waves gettin' pushy , soft bottom can fill back in fast and the targets are deeper , the sharks keep getting in the way.. Skull's look for harder bottom clue will help ya fer sure. πŸ‘ The rips are a blessing sometimes , clearing out the soft stuff . Look for lower areas on the beach. And don't go out too faaaaaaaarrrr ! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ₯Έ Those socks inside the shoes didn't make you look funny , they made you look smart .(plus they will last longer>>>) All the people pointing and laughing were clueless no doubt.. πŸ˜† Maybe they'll even drop some change just cuz they feel sorry for ya ? 🀣 Plus , if you're an old guy on the beach with a detector , there ARE certain expectations. I'm proud of you for not letting the brotherhood down .
  20. Maintain present course. Full speed ahead . Let's see what this new ship can do !
  21. πŸ€―πŸ‘ Honk if you like honkers ! That Wang Wang wasn't too shabby either ... Nice drop off on that beach too ! I'd give it an 8 but the Wang pushes it to a 9.
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