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  1. Just needed to swing a coil over it ! 🤠 🖖Live long and prospect.
  2. Why not collect it from wherever you want to hunt in it ? 🤔
  3. WTG 👍and a good example of what research can mean. That coin has been waiting for you for a very long time !
  4. Thanks Cap'n Steve for the timely reminder and for escorting Frank out off the ship 👍 I withdraw my welcome. Sorry Frank , it just has to be this way.🙄 Hope ya didn't get any splinters on yer way down the plank ! .. not really...🏴‍☠️ hope the crabs have ya fer lunch ! arrrrrrr
  5. Welcome aboard from uptah camp calibear707 ! Just ask about anything you want to know more about . Don't know what ya don't know? Hit up Steve's Guides https://www.detectorprospector.com/magazine/steves-guides/steves-guides/ That ought to get ya some questions to ask . Tell us more about where you want to prospect and what you want to do with a detector ? Do you have any gear yet ? Maybe we can help you figure that out by answering those .
  6. An old coin and a ring in just one find ? WTG ! 🤩
  7. Welcome aboard SLD . You've picked a fine ship in this ocean of dribble called the internet. I'm voting with any of the above suggestions. by Steve and the crew. You'll be ready to go right out of the gate with a factory preset. Soooo , do you have a budget ? That could narrow it down if you do. 🖖
  8. "Consistent 925" has a really nice "ring" to it !🥸
  9. SOHN Good to see you back on sand city turf and clearing away everything you can. And then there it was , the ring. That thing would look great to me even if it was "still silver" . ..👍 I've been digging every solid beep clearing (some of) the junk here at the fair camping as I go but like your location there is just sooooo much of it but my odds get better (I think) every "voyage" arrrrr🏴‍☠️ Today I was digging a pull tab hoping for a nickel and it turned out to actually be a tiny skeleton key , it was yellow but definitely not gold ...🤔 I've been saving it all up for my "mother of all" picture post , coming up when the ground freezes 😢.
  10. Welcome gordy5m ! Plenty here to absorb , have you found Steve's Guides yet ? Ask your questions and reply to other's as you go.
  11. Welcome to the crew Antex01 ! So ,,,,,, now you can post ! Comments or questions was just unlocked ! 🤯
  12. One thing more before you try prying it open. Sometimes the manufacturer hides screws under feet or stickers .....🥸
  13. Welcome to the forums Giova69 ! I've opened many plastic cases with no screws. Do you have a guitar pick ? Good luck finding the "loose part" , hope it's not impossible to replace wherever it came from !
  14. Welcome to the forum from uptah camp Griva Run !😎 That Vanquish is a good first choice . Let us know how it's working for you. I agree with 350's Garrett pointer suggestion. I'd guess those outnumber all of the other ones combined out in the field. The cheapest pinpointer is the one built into the detector , Try to use that while waiting for a dedicated device.
  15. Looks like you finally got that pretty princess tiara ring you always wanted 🥸 A nice one too !
  16. Wait a minute on that ancient comment, I'm from the 50s !🙄
  17. Interesting mystery item ! 🤔 Hockey stick ? Not like any I ever owned , the blade part is wrong. VL's coke spoon idea ? I've seen a lot of people using them just never saw one up close . (things that must be ignored to keep job) Seems plausible though.
  18. The square holed item above the zipper pull looks like something my grandmother used to bleed air from the radiators in her house .🤔 .......permission envy !
  19. That's a great looking button ! Good to see it ID'd by the crew so quickly !🧐
  20. Yeah , looks like you hoovered it pretty good. Nice looking spot . 🥸
  21. Interesting display setup . Good variety of coins. The truck behind the red car looks ancient . Both gold and silver ! The necklace doesn't help that old crab look any better though ... I give it a 10 🥸 and one of these👍
  22. 😎Welcome to the crew to the both of ya from uptah camp !
  23. What I'd call a very cooperative beach ! 🌴 A bit disappointing but cooperative. 🤔 Enjoyed the display , thx .
  24. Good choice Everett . That should leave you some extra $ too ! 🖖 Live long and prospect. Good luck .
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