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  1. HellScript  


    Unless there's an obvious cut .    I use that zig zag pattern like in your picture to find something good , then slow down(even more than my usual grandpa speed ) myself and recovery speed and spiral out to find if it had any friends. If not , I'll go parallel to the shore at the same point of the target to see if the waves have sorted things out for me....

    AND  wherever you found lead ?   Grid , low+slow , punch the horseshoe , crank up the volume , clean tones  . 

    (I yam a son of the beach)






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  2.  Welcome aboard Don ! (and THX , some gold and silver would be nice right now 🤩 I've been thinking of starting to dig clams instead of treasure, over $200 a bushel right now  LOL.)

    Ask all the questions ya got !

    What have you been finding over in your neck of the woods ?  





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