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  1. Welcome aboard JMan !

    There have been some good reviews here on that Legend .

    May you have great finds together. 

    Now get yourself tuned in on that thing !

    Go out and drop stuff in the snow if you have to.....

    That way you can get going under the ground asap when the weather warms up.

  2. THX  

    Yeah It's kinda cluttered here too.  Had another admin that just OK'd all apps  I at least do an isp lookup and check their email provider , still doesn't stop it all though..

    I have a purge button here , 2 clicks purge/ confirm !

    Handy little bugger !!  Plus I have The Wizard . Coder level. yup yup.  

    It's a lot of work , I see how much you have done here ,,,wow my head spins ........thx again ! 


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