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  1. Digging nuggets outta the ice , and they're lookin' very nice!

    I have ice nuggets here too , but mine are white all the way through..

    I have so many , but diamonds they're not.

    I also have them under my nose , butt they're frozen snot !

    (sorry about the lame rhyming thing , songwriter's curse....can't control it sometimes)🙄



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  2. Good tip Joe,

    I'm keeping an eye out for deals like that !

    Lots of the boat crews here wear survival suits .

    That flight crew suit sounds like it might be a bit chilly ! Woolies would be needed here !

    AquaSeal IS amazing stuff , I use it for lots of things......


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  3. Wow again Joe ! You done good on the suits...

    The guy at the dive shop told me $1500. Still wouldn't be a bad deal after looking at your plate full ! 😳 I saw a nice set of neoprene waders at Goodwill last week for $40 !

    Only about 2 feet too tall for me ! So I passed on the deal.

    Coulda probably sliced and diced 'em with some Aqua Seal to fit though............arrrrrrrrr 😛


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  4. The scratches comment was a joke. But then I thought about it and I'll just say I put all those scratched clad coins in my pocket and spend 'em just like they were real !  So one COULD circulate it's way south , stranger things have happened ... 

    Now , circulate some of those Spanish reals up here will ya ?😏



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  5. Those laws are sure making a detector paying for itself an impossible dream.🤪

    I thought getting dig permissions were hard to get here ! 

     A shame leaving finds in the ground , maybe keep one of those maps I spoke of earlier LOL🙃 

    You have some nice high end detectors too ! You must have a lot of swing hours under your belt.

    I guess the crew Downunder won't mind if another one of us wishes for a trip to the gold territory in their back yard... especially someone with tales of the Deus2 ........

  6. Welcome aboard Riccardo !

    You picked a good time to sign in with your new Deus2 !        Lots of us here will be waiting to read everything you post about it , no doubt.  You probably have a few good GPX5000 hunts to brag about too !


    I have 3 questions for you.

    Are old coins on the do not dig list too? 🧐

    Any good tourist beaches nearby ?

    Do you have a pirate map with an X marking anyplace in particular you'd share with us???? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  😉


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