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  1. phrunt Some nice looking spots there for sure ! I'm the opposite though, hate the cold times ..it lasts so long here. Guess it's the extremes that are bothering us. The rest of the year isn't much of a problem.....👍
  2. Thought that might be the issue , why I asked. You looked like a kid on Christmas ! That says a lot about it !
  3. Def a girly buckle ! The sizes of and ages of finds looks like you are on a great new spot !!!
  4. It was a pretty good shoot out. At least as good or better as the Nox sounds fair from my POV. The cardboard covered test was very interesting. I was gonna ask if you had a hard time seeing the D2 display in person ? The Nox is hard to see in certain conditions too but seemed better in this vid. I had trouble reading the D2 on this and most of the other vids you've made as well as one I saw that someone else made..... Hope this turns out to be your "precious" !
  5. I tried the different methods , just doing the grabs now seems to be working best for me. (sometimes activate tracking at a beach)
  6. 49 degrees will shrink ya up like a roll of dimes , 'bout 30 cents worth... But It sure was WORTH it ! Now,, Go back with the Deus II 😏
  7. Ridge Runner Careful , that present might decide to fight ya ! I've seen people fight over a gift but that's some extreme shoppin' yer talkin' 'bout.....
  8. Ahhh , I've heard "tails" of the Fur mode...5 meow tone ,,,,OK got it ! I wonder if ML will put that in my next Nox update ?🤔
  9. Hope kitty was a sun baker. Depth is not important , but what were your SETTINGS ?????🤔 I'm happy to report bare ground here today , the Atlantic seems to have saved my butt again !!!!!!! Got less than a white quarter inch (1cm) and it all blew away into the woods. YESSSSSSS ! That's all the celebration allowed as it's just getting started ..... Now all I need is for the orb to actually go above the previously mentioned woods and thaw out my yaaaaaahd,,, OH AYUH . Anybody know where I can get a heated shovel ????😉
  10. Palm Trees ! 🙃 I saw that warm up on the long range . Maybe I'll get a thaw ?? Some kinda "ain't right" if it does....Maine is switching over to East Coast Alaska mode for the duration ! I look outside now and this may be my last report of bare ground seen . A white afternoon predicted and the temps are going down , not up today..... I've been emptying all spray cans I can get my hands on to speed up that warming thing of which you speak , results are inconclusive so far....... 181 days till June + I got a pair of insulated green rubber boots for beach detecting till then.😏
  11. Great to see you're still able to dig those fields. My ground has been frozen solid for a few weeks. Might turn white tomorrow.
  12. Hope it all heals up quickly. Priorities... #1 Concentrate on recovery. #2 Everything else..
  13. WOW , nice ring ! Your "detector's eye" is pretty sharp ....WTG
  14. Wished I could from the minute I saw the IceCo's on YT. Guess the Whynter will have to do , till it doesn't !😋 300w on the roof with a 75w portable for parking in the shade... Right now the sun never comes up above the tree line where I'm parked .....arrrrrrrrrgh ! And speaking of right nowww , Freezing Rain !!!!!!!🥶 where did I put my ice cleats ? And NO , I'm not going up on the roof wearing them again !!!! LOL (That was skembarraskin' last year , skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh It was real easy finding the holes though ...................) Nice lookin' country you're in there !
  15. I saw those Iceco's right after I got a Whynter . Two separate compartments with diff temps and way less $ too. I'm in the process of building an insulated enclosure with outside force fed air tunnel to the intake vent. Your rig reminds me of my old Dodge sweptline when I lived in the back of it touring on the road. But you have all the stuff I didn't have room for till I retired and got the RV , good use of space !
  16. Welcome aboard Matt ! Hope that 540 turns out to be your "lucky detector".🍀
  17. Pretty bottle !👍 That boat was shiverin' 'er timbers but it had potential ! 😜
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