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  1. Welcome aboard the crazy train Frank ....got any questions ? Know the answer to other questions ? Post 'em up. All aboooooaaaaaaard !
  2. You just found a source of spare parts , you already had it !
  3. I'll dive right in on anything electrical , but those chemmies are just as scary to me as electricity is to others...... So I guess they're safe for you as electricity is for me. Good job on cleaning off the specimens....! Maybe I'll give it a try . Now I just need to find something to clean up !
  4. Where did the insides go ? Keep looking. Somewhere nearby there's a very punctual ant hill......
  5. Welcome out from the shadows Michael ! It sounds like you have a nice bit of experience on those Whites. Now that you can , post up some pics of your fave finds and ask/answer anything you have the time for. I'm a little far off but sure know about detecting in frozen country , you can't do it ! Well , I do go check the piles of snow in parking lots as they melt .....?
  6. No place is ever "cleaned out" , you're proving that now so never stop checking. (That would make a good tag (signature) line ...) hmmmmm🤔 If you keep it up , you might check off the rest of the list there !!!?
  7. OF COURSE ! I should have thought of that ! Hmmmm , I wonder if there is a beach somewhere that plays Jimmy Buffet ? You'd think there would be.. Ya know , I did buy a used gig bag to see if my Nox would fit in it....nope , it wasn't for an acoustic... I think I'll try building a custom hard shell case for it . For now , I'm using a backpack. Anyhoo , to get back on the rack track . I saw a guy that had a rack for surf fishing rods on the wall in the back of his truck....little push in clips on a piece of plywood. No idea what the clips are called though ?? I think I remember someone here mentioned them , maybe post #1 on this thread ? LOL best idea , now who's gonna make kac one ?
  8. Tele Strat LesP ,,,,,that's just the back row,,,,, But what kind of solo do you play on that strange looking thing next to the Gretch ?!
  9. Yup yup , sounds like you just need more time with the detector getting to know each other.......Remember , don't expect too much until the third date ! 😄 Keep your coil under control and on target.
  10. Heya Badger Can you post a link to that new maine forum ?
  11. Welcome aboard Gary. I've fished the sea all my life,,,so I knowwwwwww ,,, You probably had to throw that one back ,,,,,,too small ! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Next time bait up for kraken .😁 BUT , you sure hooked into a good one when you chose this forum.... Looking forward to tales of detecting and pics of yer finds.
  12. Guitar hangers are basically the same as above^ but with shorter fingers ~3" ,,,Some I've found very cheap too in places like Big Lots etc..
  13. Put some hooks in a 2x4 and hang 'em all , I say ! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Or do you mean like in the back window of a pickup ? Sounds like something that a handyman/detector/prospector may have invented already... post your thoughts on it and maybe you will find a builder ? Anybody ?
  14. Thanks for posting Leah. Sorry to hear about your dad's passing . I never met him but think we would have been friends if I had...
  15. Welcome aboard Scarfoot ! I just gotta ask ,,,,do you call your detector "My Little Friend" ? Oh , that's right , my mistake I thought you said Scarface ! Guess I should change my welcome aboard accordingly.. Now I understand the question about the misplaced pick .......... Just kidding. What do detectorists and prospectors do in their spare time ???? PICK on each other ! My friends tell me I "Ain't Right" but they really don't know how much.
  16. March 8th low tide is around 2:15 pm on that neck of the coast. I've got an appt. that day but will try to change it somehow !! (They canx on me yesterday 2 hours prior so hopefully that will buy me some slack ???)
  17. Welcome aboard the treasure train Chuck ! And welcome in from the shadows too. Hope that Nox treats ya right , Ask about anything you need help with , you are now surrounded by raw detecting talent,,,,,well the other guys , not me. skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
  18. podunc, Bangah ? podunc isn't just yer forum name , be my guess ! I already figured it meant not exactly on the coast ....yup yup. I lived in Newport for a decade or so ..... The ranger at Reid (Sam) probably missed ya ! She gave me permission over the phone last spring (Covid) but said i'd need a written permit after covid.` Other Rules , on beach only and not when lots of people. They can take your gear so tread lightly in the SPs.
  19. Call ranger at Reid before going , you'll need a permission,,,oh and they expect you to turn in everything you find............ I like OOB , usually park on P Point end. We'll have to get together for a hunt when the weather gets back to livable again... I get pretty achy in the cold But I have insulated rubber boots , I'm gonna have to do stair climbing to walk in 'em for very long though ,,,they're heavy monsters but can double for cracking crabs . LOL. Hope your new gear shows up on time. You're gonna spend a LOT of time over on the Equinox sub forum. Check out Steve's info pages too.
  20. Welcome aboard Chummy . What beach are ya plannin' to be headed to ?? I'm over near the navy base, Oh Ayuh ! We lost a lot of snow yesterday , but will freeze back up tonight arrrrrrrrrrrr.
  21. Way to go ! That goldie looks incredibly nice. Don't put an X on any map with that location. At least before you go over it a few more times ! Ohh , I just saw you keep bees. I think I might know where you hid that coin ! 😜
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