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  1. Excellent!!! Nice recoveries. Thanks for posting the 800's settings. I have yet to use the 800... have to wait until the ground thaws.. I've had luck finding silver on old farm sites with the E-Trac and small coils (8x6 or 5"). If I remember right, the deepest silver found with either of those was at about 8". There's a lot of iron trash to work around. The large coils collect dust.
  2. Welcome!! Great advice has been posted by Chase and other members. Research, location, and of course having access to un-hunted grounds, are all key to finding silver, and everything else. MD'ing 101 Having stated that, I have just purchased a 800 and will soon return to sites that i believe were untouched before i began detecting on them years ago. The silver finds on those sites have declined over the years, naturally, but I'm hoping that the 800 will find what the other detectors (and primarily me) have missed. Good luck to all!!!
  3. Thanks!! The homes were all along the same old road. Not sure where the trail that you are referring to was located. Contact me when the cold weather is done. I do most hunting early spring after the ground thaws and before crops are planted or the weeds grow too high
  4. Thanks. I would say that those were found over a span of 10 years, and that pic is 5 years old...About half of them were found with a Minelab Soverign XS. That's the rough time frame of when i started hunting those Christian County home sites. They have also netted numerous IH pennies 5 large copper cents, a silver thimble, and many other goodies. Not much to show for that 10 yrs because work hours gave me very little time to spare for MD'ing, still not bad.. When spring breaks I'm taking the 800 to go over those same sites.
  5. I've found quite a few Indians over the years, can't remember if any are 1877s...but i'll look through 'em. One particular rural home site has yielded numerous IHs.. found 7 of them in one spot. Only 'coin spill' i've ever found.
  6. Thanks for the offer to hunt your areas. Likewise, you can come just north to hunt these areas. I've never panned for gold. I'll bait you with a few of the older silver finds from a few years back. Most were found at Christian County farms. The 1851 Trime, and the 1855 Canadian 5 cent piece were found within inches of each other near Lake Springfield.
  7. Thanks, Valens....I'm not far from Springfield. I Usually hunt in Cass, Sangamon, and Christian Counties
  8. Well I'm finally joining up. I've lurked here numerous times and have read a lot of really great dig stories, and appreciate the valuable tips given by the experienced detectorists. I try to absorb all of that info, and apply it when MD'ing, but time doesn't allow for that to happen often enough....the good news (for me) is that retirement will happen in a few months...so no excuses after that. I'm located in Illinois and primarily detect on old farm/home sites. Good luck to all.
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