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  1. Good on you both , just goes to show persistence will pay off .
  2. Steve good to hear you are still having adventurous trips out nugget hunting
  3. looks like one big bad bear , i heard there was another bear attack a few days ago in yellowstone
  4. No it was not me , the biggest pieces i ever found there were 3 or 4 grams in size .
  5. Yeah i used to go over there with a club out of Casper years ago , did ok detecting the dredge tailings along rock creek.
  6. that is what i told Eric we have had so many of them this spring here but nothing but rocks and bentonite clay in my draws and gullies
  7. good on you Steve , good to see you putting your sunny hot Yuma training to good use .
  8. looks like it was a good day out , well done .
  9. quite a few folks drive those around here most are ag use related.
  10. good on you , any patterns you can find and use detecting is always a good thing
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