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    Gold & coin detecting, competition shooting, hunting, kayak fishing, helicopter & fixed wing aviator
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    GPZ-7000, GPX-4500 with around 10 coils from NF, Coiltek & ML, Monster 1000, Equinox 800, Excalibur 1000, Fisher F-Pulse

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  1. Interesting! Will be useful when we eventually have a colony there.
  2. Just a follow-up, I got out yesterday now that the snow has melted and the detector runs 100%. Thanks to all that helped with input.
  3. You're right Steve and thanks for the parts link. I'll contact my local dealer for the 2008-005 replacement part. I opened the box. The data cable appeared to be slightly pulled out at the right side, but not by much: I cleaned and reseated it. I epoxied the battery locator pin back in place and it appears good to go. I'll get out in a few days and see if the issues are resolved. Thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks for that JP!👍 Since day one with the detector I have noticed that my WM12 audio sometimes drops out randomly as well. I used to build PCs, so reseating the mylar cable should be easy enough and hopefully solve both issues. 🤞
  5. I have had GP machines from the Extreme to the 4500 and nothing has EVER broken despite thousands of hours in the field being banged around, in the back of my pickup and on ATVs over rough trails. I noticed that my GPZ has started rebooting and loosing it's current setting whenever I lay it on the ground. I have used one of Docs protective covers since I bought it. I took off the cover and found this: It appears that one of the pins that holds the battery in position has sheared off likely causing the reboot issue: Luckily the broken pin was still in my big Minelab protective bag: I'll try to epoxy it back on and treat the detector as if it is made of glass from now on. I'll admit that I have occasionally let it drop to the ground from a foot or two when going to dig a target. An apparently very bad habit I acquired when using the GPs. No more.. I'll see if I can fabricate a pad for the broken stand since I don't see this part available from ML separately. I bought the machine used with about 10 hours of prior usage, so no warranty for me. Just posting this so you guys won't have the same issue.
  6. It's unfortunate that Minelab appears to have eliminated connector compatibility with the prior GPX coils. I talked to Chris Gholson. He is participating in a briefing with Minelab on 01/15. I suggested that he ask about this. It's pretty obvious in this video at 4:38 and 7:01 that the connectors are a new design:
  7. I was able to get out for several hours to an old patch that has been hammered to death, is near power lines and has seen lots of shooting with lead, bullet jackets and fired casings everywhere. Found with the 7000 in Bogene mode. I was concerned about depth in this mode, but one of the pistol cartridge cases was a solid 24" down in sandy soil and was a delicate but obvious signal. My first pieces with the 7000! Total weight of 1.1 grams: It is simply amazing to me how sensitive the 7000 is to tiny lead BBs and bullet shards:
  8. Interesting looking pieces. Congrats!
  9. Just a follow up - I have about 6 hours on the machine so far and have some observations/questions: Yep, it's stupid heavy, but using the hip stick makes it tolerable for flat terrain. I can't see lugging it up and down hilly terrain & gullys like we have here in AZ searching for a patch, so my 4500 still has a purpose! Yep, I need to work out more, but my gym/pool has been closed since COVID started. Compared to the 4500 menu/switch arrangement, the Z is so simple! Not perfect, but a huge improvement. The screen is not bright enough in full sun. I made a screen shade out of duct tape. Problem solved & an easy solution. It has a pretty lively threshold, but target signals are relatively easy to delineate. I was on a heavily thrashed patch with power lines yesterday and had to use high audio smoothing to maintain my sanity. I'm going to try Lunks settings. Bogene’s configuration for high EMI with threshold at 1 and sensitivity at 20 is intriguing. Like super GM1K mode! I have not tried that yet. I have used the WM12 both with the speaker and with headphones. I was having audio blanking issues with the headphones, so I'll try cleaning the contacts and plug. Works fine with the headphones plugged into the machine directly. I love the wireless since the cable is not constantly getting tangled on all the thorny vegetation we have here in the field. The plastic latch to stow the guide arm is just a stupid design. Considering Doc's solution. I ordered his cover package and a ferrite from him as well. Do I really need the ferrite here in AZ? Our soils are not that difficult, although hot rock strewn. As to finds, no nuggets yet. I have found numerous trash targets at all depths. The sensitivity of the stock coil is simply amazing. I did find a 35 pound quartz boulder down about a foot with a substantial metallic signal. My GM1K screams on it as well. No visible metal. I need a bigger sledge hammer.. Anybody know how much more the GPZ 19 coil weighs compared to the stock 14”? Thanks!
  10. The inside bend, side slope of a desert canyon about 200 feet above the existing stream bed. That's all I can share for now..
  11. I was blessed to personally know Jim Straight years ago and spent a number of days detecting with him. Fine memories..
  12. These are from CA, found several years ago on an isolated high bench. There were nuggets everywhere, despite having been detected by others who didn't know their machines or were swinging too fast. My detecting partner found 3 with his GP Extreme. Found with a GPX 4000 and 17" elliptical NF coil. The nuggets are 4.8 grams total, the speci is 5.6 grams:
  13. I solved this issue many years ago. I have always had a very big shovel style pick that was awkward to wear on a belt. I enclosed a large super magnet on the right shoulder strap of my backpack with duct tape so I can place the pick on my shoulder and it stays in place until I need it. I put some foam padding under duct tape on the pick handle for more comfort. The super magnet on top of the pick helps keep it in place as well.
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