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    Agate hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, JiuJitsu, mathematics, AND GOLD!
  1. Well, I live in Minnesota and so gold in the ground is scarce. I live in the cities and so I'll often use my detector in urban parks and beaches, looking for lost gold jewelry. I'd say my usage will break down as follows: 50-60% urban parks and beaches looking for lost gold jewelry 30-40% undeveloped land for tiny gold nuggets 10-20% coins and relics I'd like the machine to be hot on gold nuggets at depths ranging from 1" to 12", reason being I'd rather dig a lot of little holes and find nothing than one big hole and find nothing. I'd also like the machine to be hot o
  2. Hi Y'all. I've been all over the map as far which detector I think I'm going to buy. Right now I think it's either going to be the CTX3030 or White's V3i. I got some questions. How does the Minelab's auto ground balance technology compare to White's auto ground balance technology? In particular, in terms of ground balancing, how does the CTX 3030 compare to White's V3i? How do the discrimination abilities of the CTX3030 and V3i compare? White's user manuals are written much better than Minelab's user manuals. How much do you agree with this statement? Minelab claims,
  3. Thanks Steve, I know I'm not in a good place to detect for gold but I'm still thrilled by just the excitement of treasure hunting. I'm going to pm you some of the literature I've found while researching gold prospecting in Minnesota. If you have time to look at it, I'd greatly appreciate hearing whatever you have to say about the literature. Here's a link to someone's find in Northern MN: http://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=123779 Just seeing that makes me want to walk every square mile of Norther MN. I plan to bring my detector with me on my camping trips around the US,
  4. Cool. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I checked out the archive but I wanted to know if there's a strong consensus on SDC2300 vs SD2100, since I heard some experts prefer the old models. I will be detecting in northern Minnesota, which is the worlds foremost iron ore producer. However, I don't know if that necessarily means the surface here is full of iron. I should find out.
  5. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. Cabin Fever, is the SDC2300 not a VLF machine? ... What about the Minelab Eureka Gold?
  6. Hi there, I'm in the market to buy my first gold metal detector. My heart wants a new SDC2300 but my wallet is not cooperating with this idea. Unfortunately there seems to be virtually zero used SDC2300 models on the market. However, I've found a used SD2100 for sale for $850. Are the two models even comparable in quality and ability? Please lend me your perspective.
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