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  1. GB, you're right. The CTX and the TDIBH both weigh exactly 5.2 LBS. In my eyes, if I'm swinging a brick, it might as well be one that's loaded with features. My point is that there is no redeeming quality that makes up for the weight - IN MY OPINION FOR MY USES - when it comes to the TDI. The CTX is arguably one of the most technologically advanced and feature-rich detectors to date. The TDIBH is none of those things (in my opinion). It's the best, newest, waterproofed version of very old technology. You're right. Like I said, I gave my dream scenario for detecting, and asked "how close can I get to this in the current year". We don't have the technology yet, but the CTX TID seems to be the most advanced system available, which I think is the closest I would reasonably expect to get to my dream in 2020, I just wanted to confirm and see how people compare the NOX and CTX. We can dream, right? I was also trying to figure out what improvements people are even expecting between what we have now with TID and the NOX and CTX and my "gold only" dream machine. As I said, for my circumstances, with iron being only a fraction of the trash that I dig, a PI with intermediate iron discrimination settings doesn't give a "huge draw" for me. Maybe if I was hunting down the coast where they used to literally dump the iron garbage on the beach back in the day, but that's not where I hunt. I have no personal attachment to detector brands or any such silliness like that. I'm just trying to find the best detector for myself that is available to purchase right now. I'm assuming that you run a NOX based on your "gear used", what improvements are you looking for? More depth, more accurate discrim/TID? Are we just hoping for marginal upgrades in those categories for every new release? Or is there something groundbreaking that we are expecting on the horizon? Curious what people are wanting for with their machines!
  2. Osbod, good eye, and thank you for pointing out that both recommended BBS machines- after some research, it appears that BBS is a multifrequency technology, but it is tone based? There's no sort of display with numbers, or anything like that? For iron, this may be a killer, but iron is probably only a third of the trash that I dig, and I am looking for a machine that will help me recognize uncorroded bottle caps, clad, tent stakes, and other non-ferrous targets. I think what I'm realizing is that I probably just need to wait for the CTX 4040/replacement 😕 Unless BBS discrim is such that it can help me not dig those non-ferrous items?!
  3. Thanks, Cuda! I think as things stand currently, you and others are right about the NOX - just wish they made the 17" coil like for the CTX. That's another big draw for me towards the CTX over the 800.
  4. oops, I think I was reading Compass's comment while responding to you 😅 but yes we both have shared that experience, the TDI seems to LOVE tiny pieces of old nails huh.. I agree about the AQ, seems to be very "par for the course" in terms of PI technology, not really seeing the huge draw there. My TDI already has iron discrim, and the beach isn't made of nails so it's not like theres gonna be a ring down there surrounded by a half dozen pieces of iron... at least I hope LOL
  5. Strick, the CTX man himself, thank you very much for taking the time to comment my brother ~ I think you're right about the AQ, iron comprises a lot of my trash but a digital display with some kind of TDI is more important to me because most of the garbage that I dig is non-ferrous. I'm very curious about your recommendations, you say the Excalibur? I considered that machine when I bought my TDI, but they seemed very very similar to me in terms of capability with reports of the Excal being very unreliable, easily broken, finicky, and a pain in the butt. So I went with the TDI. But the Excal uses BBS technology, correct? Which is tone based right? I guess with time I could learn the signals, but my TDI is also tone based, and while I can usually guess trash based on the sound before I dig, I usually dig iffy signals anyways because they're typically deep and become better as I work my way down to them. Can you vouch for BBS as being a *very accurate way to detect trash? I want to walk right over anything that isn't gold, or silver basically. I understand that there isn't, and probably will never be a detector that has PERFECT discrim to reject anything that isn't precious metal, but I want to get as close to that ideal vision as I can in 2020. If the weight were set aside, would you pick the Nox, or the CTX for trashy beaches? Also, would you say that beach conditions are more important than the detector?
  6. Thank you, Valens! Many are vouching for the Nox, I'm just not blown away by the accuracy of its TDI - but I'm also not sure if the CTX upgrade in performance from the Nox is worth it. Plus, the Nox is rumored to be better on low conductors like gold which is what I really love seeing in the scoop. I don't really hunt for coins so hitting on deep silver isn't as big of a factor in my choice. Leaning towards the Nox, thanks again:)
  7. Oh come on Steve, don't gloat so much 😁 but seriously, thank you for the input. I just don't see the reason for having two detectors for one purpose (beach hunting trashy beaches), I understand that VLF and PI aren't better than each other - just different with different strengths and weaknesses - but ideally I'd rather have one Ford Raptor instead of two Toyota Tacomas, if you catch my drift... I think since I'm not attached to having a PI, and I just haven't been as blown away with the TDI on the Nox, I'm just going to sit on my money and see who decides to put out the next best thing. Hoping to hear something from Minelab within the next month, I think that's about how long I'm willing to wait. If there's no news at all a month into 2021, I guess I'll just bite the bullet and go with the Nox. It seems that the most popular suggestions are "get the Nox", or "wait". What is the typical time between product refreshes? I'm only a few years into detecting and am not really familiar with the industry yet.
  8. Thanks, Joe! I figured most would suggest the Nox, but the few people I've met and know who use CTX's swear by them over the Nox... we sure are in a weird time for detectors... or is it a good time for the consumer when there's even an argument for the 800$ minelab machine over the $2500 one? Hard to be sure - but I really appreciate your input. What possible improvements would it take for you to switch from BBS to a hypothetical newer technology?
  9. @strick Your input would be greatly appreciated as you seem to be the "CTX Guy" on here LOL and @Steve Herschbachyou too because you seem to be familiar with the Nox and CTX as well as the industry in general. What say the two titans?
  10. On second thought, I do feel as if I'm being a bit picky... what features are we really looking for from new detectors? Short of "XRAY" that makes sand invisible and allows you to look THROUGH the ground to see gold and other buried treasures? Are the detectors out now "good enough"? Will they be made obsolete by new releases? I know it's probably similar to the world of quality headphones - new, nicer headphones don't make your current drivers sound/perform worse - Equinox 800 and CTX 3030 will still be detectors for the ages but will it be groundbreaking like the release of the Equinox? I would probably cry if I dropped 100% of $2500 MSRP on the CTX and then have the newer, better one come out months later at a very similar price. So, what possible improvements are we looking at in terms of these machines? Will the difference be so big? And do you all think the CTX will stay the same price and it's replacement will be more expensive, similar to the GPX line? Thanks again!
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Jesse, and I dig trash on the beaches of Santa Cruz, California with my White's TDI BeachHunter. Tent Stakes, Bottle caps, clad, you name it. Occasional gold (around an ounce in the last year), but wayyyyy too much garbage for the time spent out there. No, more like the right amount of garbage dug on a trashy beach with a PI with no discrimination settings LOL. I love this machine. It's stable, reliable, punches very deep, and was a great first "real" detector. The weight sucks (though it can be hip mounted, but I found myself getting tangled in the wired in that configuration), and the shaft sucks too. I have saved some money, and am planning to shoot for the moon. I want the best beach detector out there, VLF, PI, or otherwise, that will help me dig 99% less garbage, and still punch deep and be fun to swing. So far, considering a CTX 3030 or Equinox 800. Big coil for either. Reading the forum for a few months, following developments, it seems that the metal detector market moves about as slowly as the "games in development" market. I may be outing myself as a Zoomer here but waiting for these new machines really brings me back to waiting for games to go from beta to 1.0. Anyways I'll be in possession of my next detector for the foreseeable future, and am having a hard time deciding what choice to make. Do I get the 9 year old, 50 lb dinosaur with *slightly better VDI depth on higher conductors that costs almost double what a proper Nox setup would cost (with accessories), or do I get the Nox? Which feels just past its prime, with direct replacements probably coming out soon? Do I wait for these detectors that exist only in the imagination? The new fisher PI, possible CTX replacement? I have a nice pile of coin after selling some finds and other detectors and would really like to make this purchase count, any input is appreciated!:) -TENT SPIKE DIGGER
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