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  1. My wife's health is going to require me to take a break from treasure hunting for a few years so I'm packing everything up for storage. What's the best way to prep my headphone muff's for long term storage? For that matter, Do I need to do anything special to my detectors other than removing the batteries and a good cleaning? Thanks, Mike
  2. Thanks, NIK. I just get steamed because I've had it happen to me, too, only I also had missing parts. It all gets resolved in the end but it just burns me up when I see this. Good luck. HH Mike
  3. When I buy new I want the new experience I paid the money for. I want to be the one to open the box the first time. I want to be the one to do the first un-packing. I want to enjoy the pristine condition of a brand new blemish free unit fresh from the box. An open box isn't new. Its a return or a demo unit the dealer is offloading, hoping you won't care. Want to share the dealer's name so we don't inadvertently do business with them, because I don't want to buy from a guy who thinks its ok to open boxes and try out detectors and then try to resale them as new units. HH
  4. New CTX's with a $1200 price tag would be attractive to me. The current price turned me off of it and the ETRAC does very well for me when I need its feature set. I don't have any desire to spend more than that on a metal detector. As I've said before, the lack of enhanced discrimination turned me off the Equinox from the get go but even it they update the discrimination to the point where its actually useful for hunting non-ferrous objects in non-ferrous trash I'll turn it off if the price is over my threshold and $1200 is about my limit. I personally find it hard to justify s
  5. Its my understanding Fisher makes it specifically for metaldetectors.com now. The F5 is probably my favorite detector behind the F75 LTD with DST. I like it because the gain and threshold settings are independently adjustable. It gave me the ability to hunt at very low gain settings with very high threshold settings with a weak target audio boost for very small jewelry targets at grassroots level. Very effective at controlling coil footprint too. The F5 also has a very unique overload feature. You can place it in an overload condition and it will reset while still in the cond
  6. I just want to add....before the advent of the FE0304 meter...my only clue to how strong the ground mineral signal was the depth high conductive coins wrapped around to iron responses. Now I can look at a meter reading and know what to expect. HH Mike
  7. Kac, They are independent. Ground balance number is the phase of the ground signal. FE sensing is the strength of the ground signal. That is really the only relation between them. Ground balancing may silence the ground response but it doesn't affect the strength of the ground signal. The FE meter is a handy tool if you know how to use it. On the F75,,,higher FE values mean I need to sweep a little faster and notch in some low iron values for investigation or maybe go to all metal mode and take out some filtering. On the Impact, higher FE values tells me I need to l
  8. The FE0304 meter doesn't have anything to do with the ground phase number. It simply tells you how strong the minerals in the dirt are. The minerals could be magnetic like black sand or they could be conductive such as salt, or some combination of both. You can have dirt that ground balances in the teens and give you a high FE0304 reading because its highly conductive like wet salt, or it could balance in the 50's and 60's and give you high FE0304 readings because its highly oxidized like some red clays and you can have dirt in the 90's give you high FE0304 readings due to black sa
  9. Hi Tony. Yep..they moved to a location at the corner of San Mateo and Manual. I used to go in there and handle and play with all the Whites detectors. They just moved again couple of years ago to a new location but I forget where. HH Mike
  10. I was thinking about maybe picking up another Fisher F19 but when I called the Mom and Pop dealer guy I like to do business with, and whom I had bought my last one from, he told me he no longer sold Fisher. Ok... well....I'll go to the next dealer I like. Went to his website...no Fisher. Looked up a third guy but it looks like he is gone. Notice the major online dealers still carry Fisher but the few guys I like to do business with don't. Probably goes along with the inability I have had in even buying Fisher from some dealers who only wanted to sell me XP or Minelab, even though I
  11. Zortan, I'd say you are borrowing trouble if you pursue it. Mike
  12. F75+ model or the F75 LTD with DST.....I'd never even look at a Simplex with one of those two. My opinion is that the F75 is a true multi-purpose treasure hunting tool and the Simplex is just an entry level metal detector designed to acquaint you with the Nokta/Makro series of metal detectors. The F75 has so much more under the hood and I doubt many folks even use 1/3 of what is available under there. I looked at the Simplex and as a F75 owner user I didn't see anything that caused an itch to experience it. But that's just me and my opinion. Far be it from me to c
  13. Oldest one I currently have is the Tesoro Golden Sabre II. Is that considered Vintage? I dunno. HH Mike
  14. I don't guess you can blame the guy. Even though its a lot of work it is nice to be affiliated with a detector and say you helped develop it and bring it to market. I know I've gotten to say, 'we' a few times myself. My one big wish for Tom was that he lived somewhere where there was dirt. HH Mike
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