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  1. I like the noise level preview screen. The Rutus Alter71 has always been a keeper. Maybe the user interface facelift to symbology will refresh it. HH Mike
  2. My September issue of WET shows this advert.... HH Mike
  3. I know electronic pinpointers are just accessories but they really should re-introduce the TRX pin-pointer. If they don't like the existing pressure switch and want to put the Garrett buttons on it, fine. but the circuit / performance itself needs to be put back into our hands. The TRX is about the only thing that really competes against 1st Texas' pulse pin-pointers. The Garret Carrot reminds me of the ACE-250. Ok for the masses but not for the dedicated. Another accessory that was a winner was the ProStar headphones. I'd like to see those back on the market, too. I really like those headphones. The cord is the right length, the cups are the right size and the sound is very good. Anyway....my nickel. HH Mike
  4. That 11" DD was the first DD coil First Texas Products had ever made and it took a little effort to get it approved as they had only made concentric up until then. I had written a little piece about coils and posted it on the old BH forum. Dave Johnson told me he used that post to get Tom to buy into a DD coil design. I ended up getting to help prototype both the coil and the T2 detector he/they designed around it. I've been waiting to buy this new 12" DD coil for a very long time. I think I still have one or two of the early prototypes lying around here somewhere. The finished product is a very nice looking coil as you saw in the video. It looks good, it feels good on the end of the detector and it performs great in the ground. They got away from the ribbed design by using a sole (like a shoe) design as a base bottom support. It's actually more rigid than it looks. Due to how much time has passed since I had this 12" coil in my hands I suspect they have designed another detector around this coil and are close enough to also market it for their other models. Anyway...I've been standing around with money in my hand ever since I saw the coil was ready for market. HH Mike
  5. Hi Cathexis, Hard to tune all the junk out. Correlate mode allows the tightest discrimination. It basically requires the strongest signal to correlate with the mid 7.5 frequency to generate a response. You get to pick how much it it has correlate to respond. Basically, set your disc to around -25, 3 Frequency Correlate on, Start with your Span limit at about 10 and tighten up from there as you need to. 10 kHz band pass filter. Multi tone and dig what beeps. I tend to use this in Mixed mode just so I can hear the stuff that didn't correlate and give me a disc response. Beer cans.....they will probably sound off, but you can size them in Mix mode and tell they are large targets....but...if you are relic hunting...you may want the larger targets anyway and will have to dig them. Concentric will give you tight correlations....the DD coil will have a tiny fudge factor. Good luck! HH Mike
  6. Hi Gerry, My point was simply that rather than rush out and buy something to hunt for something he doesn't seem to have any experience hunting, if he currently has a detector, even if it was only the little lowly BH Tracker IV, he should spend some time hunting his desired targets with it and figure out what he would really want to be different in his detector. He might find he doesn't need anything more than what he already has. Or he will figure it out and create a wish list of the features he wants in his dedicated gold detector and then go shop feature sets. Course if he doesn't already own a detector, then I recon a Nox 600 is a good starting point. Not trying to steer him to a BH, not trying steer him away from a Nox , not trying to block a sale from you. Just giving some honest advice. Good luck. HH Mike
  7. What detector do you own now? Its not really the metal detector that makes the difference for most jewelry finds. A cheap Bounty Hunter Tracker IV would find almost everything in the displayed pictures above. You only need something special for the tiny gold jewelry items. Why don't you hunt for a while with what you own and spend sometime figuring out what you really need. Good Luck, MIke
  8. nice bunch of pendant nuggets in that group. bet it was a fun trip! HH Mike
  9. Hard enough to do in the daylight, much less at night. Glad you got out safe and sound. In my youth, jeeps must have given me and my friends a false sense of security as I never recall walking for assistance more for any other vehicle than I did jeeps. Mostly due to no winch or mechanical jacks on board, or a flat spare. HH Mike
  10. Amazing that two of Dave Johnson's old school designs are still relevant and in production today after all these years...Gold Bug II and the CZ QuickSilver (CZ-3D). And it is directly related to the fact they do what they do very well. Tom Dankowski was and still is heavily involved with Minelab's Multi-IQ development and next generation development at the moment and he made a statement on his site recently that caught my attention. He basically said that in his mineral free dirt, the Fisher CZ with the 10.5" concentric coil is still the deepest and most accurate detector at depth in production today. That garnered a lot of surprise but it emphasizes that the real development in detector technology hasn't lead to more depth of detection, just better separation among co-located targets and better iron discrimination. If you read much of Tom D. development posts you will also find that the F75 is his benchmark that all others are measured against. So while the F75 package may be outdated, its abilities are not. Of course much of his work is performed in mineral free ground. I'll try to resurrect an old mineral post lying around here somewhere. Anyway...I've this thread and the discussion. Been a bit thirsty for it since I haven't gotten to beep in a while. Waiting for the new 12" coil to release. HH Mike
  11. I wonder how many people worked their way up through detectors like I did, starting at the bottom and gradually buying and trying their way up to the flagships of the various manufactures? I think when you do it that way you have a different perspective on the various mfg's and models, as I had to learn each one's strengths and weaknesses and how to make it perform for me, warts and all. I had to learn how they actually worked and did what they did. And along the way I learned what I liked and what I didn't like. And after a bit of that I learned how to read operating manuals and marketing speak which saved me a bit of money as I didn't have to buy and try so much anymore. I don't think First Texas is in danger of following the path of Tesoro or Whites. Tom Walsh likes metal detectors, so its not likely he'll quit making them as long as they make money no matter what people say in an echo chambers. I think the one thing that most affects Fisher is that their success in the gold market has led them to become the most counterfeited metal detector manufacture in the world, and in addition to that, you would be surprised where you find their T2 DNA. Personally I think its the right time to go to direct sales with advertising and steer away from dealer networks entirely. Dealers are no longer needed. Nice to have, but not needed. But they need to increase their presence in media and advertising to really make it work. Do they need a new model, yes. Do they need to keep up with the trends and times, yes. Do they have to be a market leader all the time to succeed, no. HH Mike
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