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  1. Hi Ben, You should buy a metal detector and join us. All I want to see/experience/hear is the object's density as compared to a standard, with an audio output that tells me how close the signal response is to the standard. HH Mike
  2. Guess who has an Arrow in the mailbox waiting for him to get off work? My F75 does! HA. HH Mike
  3. Hi George, I came across this old post. You know, I did get a Gold Kruzer in 2019 and it did turn out to be a very good jewelry hunter. I consider it a key tool in my jewelry hunting tool box. Funny looking back at what I thought then vs what I know now. Did you ever do a write up? HH Mike
  4. Regards F75...Tom Dankowski reported almost an 1/8 of an inch depth reduction between non-DST vs DST units in his mineral free test bed dirt which equates to the difference between 12" or 11-7/8" on a dime. No effect on a nickel on my experience. The confusion really came from what setting really turned DST on. Was it 91 or 90? Was the operating manual right or wrong? Only reason I have a F75LTD is because of DST as I couldn't use it otherwise. The issue with not having a control available means you have to own other detectors that do have the feature/control when you run into the situations that require the feature. But then again, if you don't know what you don't know, then you don't care. Until the moment that you do care and realize your model doesn't have it. Hey Carl....any chance you know those passwords and key strokes to unlock the VX3? HH Mike
  5. F44.....sheesh.....maybe one of the engineers bought one and decided to fix the audio.
  6. Iron bias is simply how much discrimination do you to apply to ferrous signals. If you ever used a Whites model like XLT, DFX or V3/V3i that had a "bottle cap reject" filter....that is an adjustable iron bias. If your detector had an algorithm or special program for flat iron, that would also be a type of iron bias. Its a useful feature as it allows the operator to determine how the iron signals will be filtered/discriminated. I expect Nokta will fundamentally offer an adjustable bottle cap reject feature with a little more complexity since it will have to work across multiple frequency selections. HH Mike
  7. I'm interested in the Legend, however remembering the accelerated Impact, Multi-Kruzer, Anfibio Multi rollout will have me waiting a little while too, so I could end up with the Legend II or Legend III or whatever the final version ends up being. I have no need or desire to jump on the first SMF model they release out the door. I'll wait until the dust settles. I'm not really an early adopter anyway. Looking forward to reading what everyone thinks about it after its released though. HH Mike
  8. This is a very informative and addicting story. Its almost like a primer for placer mining. Thank you for sharing it with us. Good luck with your highgraders. You'll need to get identifiable pictures to prosecute, so you'll have to get clever with your cameras. They won't quit until it costs too much in sweat or in personal injury. HH Mike
  9. I know Minelab is working on the Equinox 1000 from things Nasa Tom has leaked on his site. I would assume that Garrett is looking at their GTI and Multiflex. There is still room for the AT single freq base, but the GTI needs a boost. HH Mike
  10. I second the good news the Impact is not on the list. HH Mike
  11. Sending pre-production units back and forth to the engineering group is normal activity until they get officially released to production. Getting to see video's of pre-production testing units isn't normal so folks should consider themselves lucky that took place. I like what they are doing with the ferrous/non-ferrous check. And I like that they are giving a couple of more multi modes to chose from. Be nice if you could auto discriminate with ferrous/non-ferrous check setting but this is a good start. I think I will most likely buy and try one of these Legends, especially now with the new updates planned prior to release. Still reading the pre-production operating manual draft a little at a time. HH Mike
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