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  1. This is why I bought another Nokta system after selling my Fors CoRe! Great to hear. I love the Simplex.
  2. It is listed on their site and I would say before too long will be available in the US market.
  3. Thank you for the information. I was wondering since for my agency I oversee a UAS (drone) fleet and they use LiPo batteries and our manufacturers tell us to never store even overnight if it can be helped the batteries at 100%. In fact, they suggest storage at 30% for the longevity of the systems batteries. This is a nightmare as we may have to fly at a moments notice and arriving on scene then having to charge a troop of batteries for another hour give or take is sometimes killing daylight as we say. But the manufacturers stand behind this and the batteries are what they call intelligent batteries < which I laugh at. Good to know CG.
  4. Anyone observed on full charge without use how long it takes the battery to deplete to maybe 1/2 charge? Wondering the dormant time on the battery and if it should be stored full charge or depleted somewhat?
  5. I am wondering if you mean the TID reading bouncing on objects buried that give a mixed reading as I noticed the screen will do sort of a flash as you say. But I believe it comes from the bouncing TID numerical bouncing around because when I get a hard hit with a object and the TID is constant, the screen does not have the slightest of flickering as you state.
  6. LOL.....yes it was cold and rainy and I did not let dust settle on me on this one while photographing.
  7. Welcome. I too once dabbled in amateur astronomy. Had maybe 5-6 various telescopes over the last decade but finally got out of the hobby.
  8. So it started raining as I got home from an all day meeting at work and wanted to test real quick the Simplex+. So quickly to a pine section of our acreage we have that has never been disturbed by modern methods. However, I hear that there use to be an old logging road that ran across the property and my 7 acres which is mainly the western side of has a descent down to a winding creek bed that still flows. I begin testing real quick the detector and get a solid hit but as I recall low single digit TID of 4 maybe hopping around a bit at a buried depth of about 4-5”. As you will see the sections have opposing round eyelets where it looks like driving spikes would be placed to secure them down. The raised rail sections look eerily like rails a train like wheel would sit on??? So attached are the photos of the sections of metal dug.......very strange and quite honestly remind me of railroad rail for like a hauling cart. Never seen anything like this in person and certainly not from a find. Thoughts or suggestions?
  9. Hello GD. I too am from NC and back in the hobby after a small hiatus. Where are you located?
  10. Was hoping the 9.5 x 5 would be ready for the Simplex but so far when I go to their site no coils yet for the system.
  11. I am reminded that during WWII how many domestic companies also severely cut back on what they were in business for to build much needed things for the war effort for that of humanity and the evil perpetrated upon the world. While any of us in this hobby would hate to see a big slow down in what we love to do, I understand. And yes, companies look to cash in on opportunities even like these that are quite disturbing to all. I wish them luck and hopefully they will also tend to the customer base they have as well.
  12. I also purchased one of these package deals from Kellyco. Hope the system is as sweet as the reviews.
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