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  1. Darn, and here I thought I'm going to get rich! But there is always plan B: Buying lottery tickets and help out in my cousin's snake-oil dealership. BTW.: The F19 is on it's way. Can't wait. Next step: join the Calgary Metal detecting club and learn, learn, learn... Anybody on here from Calgary?
  2. Oh, I know. But we travel a lot all over North America. I'm sure we won't quit our day jobs, soon
  3. Thanks, that's all I need. I'm going with the F19. That's great advice from all of you! This is a really great site and forum, thanks for putting all the info together! I hope to contribute more once I'm more familiar with it. Until then, I'm sure I will have lot's of questions. Thanks! Herb
  4. Thanks guys! The F19 looks like a really nice machine. But the price difference between it and the F75 is not all that big. From a practical perspective (not just on paper) would the F75LTD differ a lot from the F19? Would it be more versatile or reach deeper? I know a beginner would not recognize those differences right away, but I don't plan on staying a beginner, but put a lot of effort in to learn. So far it's 3:0 for the GB Pro/F19. Are there any F75 users? Thanks! Herb
  5. Hi all, I'm new here. I really like this site with all the great advice. I read Steve's detector reviews. Excellent stuff... I'm new to metal detecting and would really like to get into it. I'm foremost interested in nugget hunting, but also general detecting in the parks and on the beach. After reading all the reviews here I'm thinking of getting a Fisher F75 LTD. I'm a fairly tech savvy person, and learn pretty quick. I'd rather spend more in the beginning and have a good machine to grow into. But I read some opinions that the F75 might be too much machine for a beginner. So I'm asking the
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