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  1. Two seasns ago in 2020 a hunter I know scooped up a Silver Peace dollar. It was in November. On a Gulf beach. Two months later I got one about a half mile up the beach. Can't believe they were seeded, certainly no ship wreck. This beach is resanded from time to time. So whats the story on finds like this ? As for the Kennedy Halves, many guys just coming into the game might not find that many in a life time. And the why these things happen is a good mystery.
  2. Had my Pro for a long time. Tried a couple set ups at the beginning. After all these years, I'd bet I got less than 4hrs on anything but Pro Zero. The custom and coin modes just never grabbed me. But I can't really say why, either. Gotta be a lot of people like this. Machine offers different modes, guys stick to one or maybe two for life. Now a days, machines have near countless of modes to hunt and many never get tried out. Except for a limited number. Or am I all wrong on this ???
  3. So been a while since the AT had some luck. Sort of a tough day only(14) coins . But most very shallow. Than just covered by grass (thought it was a quarter) snatched this 925 wedding band. It saved a not so good day. This all happened hunting around a Tot Lot at a Park.
  4. Returned to one of my beat up sports field. Think I said somewhere it's getting hard to crack 20 coins (Clad) out of there. Started real slow ,couple of trash tickets a dime than. I got a 28-29 signal using 18 frec. Dug the plug and like a deck of cards 4 quarters 3 dimes sandwiched together. That's 7 coins from a 19 coin day. They been lost for a while, I'm sure I missed them at some time or other. Maybe I just came from a different direction, anyway they been rescued. Using the Mix mode about 90% of the time. Switched to the Big Coil cause lots of ground and it paid off. $2.98 for the hunt, not much but a lot for this site.
  5. This morning they took my left ( Kat er Rack ) from me. Oh, it's going to be a big difference they say. Better night driving, reading, interesting sights at the beach. Their getting my right side in a week. So I'm hoping it improves eyeballing on the hunt. Which has really dropped off for me in recent years. There's a lot of Eyeball stories amongst us out there, I'd bet. ( We'll See )
  6. Well hey, you wouldn't take a Battleship up a river to Battle small craft. Thats what River Patrol Boats or maybe Destroyers are made for. For close- in fighting along fences and Tot lot slides ect , gotta pull another tool out of the bag.
  7. Another good test would be. How close you can detect a coin near these targets. By adjusting the settings.
  8. It's hard sometimes to get the jest of how many different terrains that are encountered out there. Myself , in my area (mud hunting) mild soil, mowed, in season easy digging. When wading , soft sand. Mostly. Others have to hunt hot ,rocky, uneven ground, emi you name it. So there causes the need for coil covers.
  9. Geezer, heck sometimes the best way to understand your machine is to take a handful of coins. Mix them up with your common pieces of trash you run across. Find a sand pit somewhere and fling them around. Then hunt every coin out of there. Stay away from digging the minus numbers see what happens. After you find all the coins, find all the left over trash you left. Of course have your machine ground balanced before hand. Then head out to the Wild and see how you do. Hope this helps, really I'm just a dig a good signal hunter but I do bite on those ( iffy signals ) more than enough.
  10. One thing I noticed using Mix, If I was getting a good bong sound with +07 to +12 , it was usually a nickel sometimes a corroded penny. No luck with those numbers if there was any - signs. There are plenty of iron signals around, I just don't dig them. There's rarely a fresh drop on this field. Today there was just one. Maybe a Crow dropped it. Amazing that there are still that many nickels out there cause its getting real hard to crack 20 coins.
  11. Oh, the only Bling top of the picture, one old lead tire weight.
  12. Fiddled with some settings, switched to 18 freq and went Gold Ring hunting. Headed out to one of my favorite sites, a football field off a Middle School. Since 2002 I've dug over a thousand clad coins, some silver rings, couple silver quarters and one Honker of a Gold Band out of there. It has been dorment for quite a few years now, even the trash is scarce. Anyways going out hoping for something Gold or at least break a Buck. In between dead spots I started digging +07 ,bouncing up to +12 .....Started getting red clad nickels. Nine nickels out of just 23 coins. Did dig 2 pull tabs couple small pieces of alum between those numbers. Every time I'd hit one of those nickel signals I would dream this gotta be a ring. Nope Nickels all nine of them. I believe +07 to +12 was caused by variances in depth, laying on its side and one was laying with a penny. Also I think 18 freq, the numbers trend a little higher. 9 Nickels, $1.25 is actually a good hunt out of that field. Well keep banging around nickels the Gold will turn up someday. (Better hurry tho )
  13. Ridge, sounds like wade hunting season. Bet you know a swing rope or two over a lake or stream somewhere. Usually a hot spot. Watch out for the Water Moccasins !
  14. Geezer, yep it would have been worse if it happened at the beginning of the hunt with no spare. ( I speak from experence )
  15. Hey, it's what works for you on where your hunting. Find some settings that work, better write them down, if you forget, well it's usually Gone. I copied a setting that was to help on finding micro gold. Tried it on some beaches and around parks. Result = Micro Alum. We won't be finding much gold until all the skin in this country has been Inked up. Than they might start wearing Gold again.
  16. Look at all this stuff. Reminds me of a bunch of guys at a Bar discussing what they would like to have with another wife. Dream on. I'll thought this one complaint out. If your arm is getting tired, it's more than likely you need to pick a better place to hunt. Better targets more digging. I do notice tho when I'm in a sparse area, and my arm starts complaining, I tend to dig more Iffy signals. Which sometimes result in a nice surprize but more often ,not. A Tarsacci full comfortable' dual adjustable' waterproof headphone ( without using the pigtail } would have a lot of intrust I believe. I'd get one right now. This might help with some having tone problems. The bouncing target numbers , take a little getting used to. But this machines ability for guys like me to easily quiet it down in salt water or emi areas with depth is huge. I'm not gonna knock the computer update ideas. But theres enough to master on this machine without worrying about how a saddlelight signal will help me find a Gold Honker. Tell you what some of you guys are going to see in the future. A waterproof cell phone that snaps on a shaft that can deliver all the target info along with keeping you up on your Tweeter account. Now don't take me wrong on all of the above, just poking some fun on some things.
  17. Cliff, that's what I was looking for. (about wired head phones). Didn't know that. Thanks.
  18. What about the antenna ? If your wading, say chest deep, how do you rig it to keep the signal?
  19. Hey Kaolin, good things are worth waiting for. That's a Duzy !
  20. What else is good about your hunt is your appreciation of your surroundings. Nice post.
  21. Theres a lot of them out there. Different manufacturers have at least one Gold machine. A new analog machine recently debuted. So , I'm thinking some are buying these to use on the Beach and Park hunting. All these machines can't just be hunted in and around the Old Gold fields, can they? So I would think that these machines used in our parks and are set go find small gold would become Overwhelmed with all the small pieces of Aluminum. And such. I got a couple sensitive machines (vlf) that in order to hunt I got to discriminate these pieces out. So what I'm trying to ask is, why buy them for Park and Beach hunting ?
  22. Good write up Tom, brings to light a lot of things I didn't know about how the (Sand Scratchers) work.
  23. Just at scrap Gold prices Mid, you got some real Booty there. Nice hunting.
  24. You did the right thing in that case TVR. Couple years ago, dug a Honker of a Class Ring. 10K Guy had his name etched inside (sort of a downer) Anyway ,knew someone who knew the guy. Turns out it was lost 40 years. His happyness was rolling off of him. It was a good feeling.
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