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  1. Oh yeah. I will remember this like FOREVER!!! When it popped out of the ground. and I mean it literally flew out of the dirt and seeing it, it is indescribable. Words cannot describe what I felt.
  2. It made a very loud high noise VDI 38. I thought, yeah, a soda can, but because the ground was fairly quiet, of course I had to dig it.. And of course, I'm glad I did.
  3. People come up to me and ask me what I've found over the years. My usual response is: "Well, I haven't found a gold coin or a silver dollar." Well, as of yesterday, I can cut that statement in half. I found an 1880 silver dollar. After 20 years of detecting, I finally found one. My knees buckled and my legs shook and I would imagine my heart rate was off the charts. was about 6 inches deep and 3 feet from a road that was a major east west road and trading posts back in the 1800's. It was also known as the Honey Moon trail because newly Weds would take it to Niagara Falls by carriage. Found with a NOX 800, all metal mode, max sensitivity, FE 6 Park 1
  4. That's on my bucket list, along with a silver dollar and a gold coin. Hee hee, the last two are on everyone's bucket list..
  5. Ok ok I know, the last time I posted that I found a half cent, it turned out that it was a V NicKLE. But yesterday I found an 1852 half cent, except it is a Canadian coin. What's really interesting is that I got out of my car, walked 30 feet, put the coil to the ground, and bang, there it was. This is a rugged hilly and full of trees 1000 acre park. The odds huh!
  6. But why would a nickel come out of the ground with a green patina? Also, that coin was slightly larger than a nickel and it was also thinner than a nickel. Hmmm, a real conundrum.
  7. Ok, I looked closely at both coins. I guess I have to admit it is DEFINTELY looking like a V NicKLE. My coin fame has been shattered. Gee, thanks everyone.😐
  8. It is DEFINTELY a half cent. With a jewelers loop the numbers 180 are clearly visible. Up until 1808 the bust was looking to the right. She began looking to the left in 1809. You mentioned stars. Yes, there are STARS over the bust in a half cent. A V NicKLE????? NO! Not even close.
  9. Several days ago I found a 1809 half cent. I detect usually with 3 other people. Two of them have 20 years each and the third has 45 years hunting. None of them has ever found a half cent. They are calling it the find of the year. Maybe the find of a lifetime. The day before I found a 1902 barber dime and a 1916 Canadian dime within 20 feet of the half cent. Here are the pics. Now the half cent is in lousy condition but enough detail to ID it. I didn't show the reverse of the half cent. Nothing there except the hint of a wreath.
  10. I have a nox 800. Been using it should since January. Before that an AT Pro and a Simplex + and a Fisher F75. Yeah, the signals sounded like can slaw.
  11. Oh yeah. My heart was in my throat. It took me about 20 minutes to recover all the coins. The deeper I went, the older the coins. I became more and more excited.
  12. Two years ago, I found 104 nickels in a single hole. No key dates. No bank wrappers. Just nickels. But today I found at 4 inches or so 26 memorials (all copper of course). Deeper down, 23 Wheaties, 2 nickels, and 3 Rosie's, and a Merc. The hole became deeper then my pro pin pointer was long. At least 11 inches deep. And yesterday (Saturday) nearby, I found this 1937 silver half in immaculate condition. Yesterday I
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