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  1. I have a nox 800. Been using it should since January. Before that an AT Pro and a Simplex + and a Fisher F75. Yeah, the signals sounded like can slaw.
  2. Oh yeah. My heart was in my throat. It took me about 20 minutes to recover all the coins. The deeper I went, the older the coins. I became more and more excited.
  3. Two years ago, I found 104 nickels in a single hole. No key dates. No bank wrappers. Just nickels. But today I found at 4 inches or so 26 memorials (all copper of course). Deeper down, 23 Wheaties, 2 nickels, and 3 Rosie's, and a Merc. The hole became deeper then my pro pin pointer was long. At least 11 inches deep. And yesterday (Saturday) nearby, I found this 1937 silver half in immaculate condition. Yesterday I
  4. Hey Dances With Doves. Thanks for the heads up. I find a few good coins now and then. But Dances finds silver coins like a bank robber. Dances has found 60 or so silver coins just this year so far. He is uncanny at finding silver. His mind and detector are as one. Scary stuff for sure.
  5. 10 minutes after I started detecting today I found an 1827 Large cent. My oldest Large cent up to this point was an 1847 and this 1827 is in way better condition than that one.
  6. I found this huge lead ball on Saturday. I have a standard musket ball fired from French muskets back in 1677. I am using that and a dime for comparison purposes. If anyone has any idea what this huge lead ball was used for please let me know. Thanks Also on Sunday I found a 1916 merc.
  7. Hi Clad Hopper. Yeah, I think you're right. The bell is so huge I doubt it would be for a house door. Likey the flour mill used it to signal its workers for this or that, ALA "Lunch is over get your butts back to work."
  8. Yeah, it was loud and high toned. I figured it was just another soda/beer can. But I was very deep in the woods following a very old and obscure path and I was surrounded by thorn bushes and under growth. So then I thought who in their right mind would be drinking here, after all, I had gone where no one had gone before, at least no one for a very very long time. I dug it and there it was.
  9. Yesterday I and some friends were detecting a very old park. There were 3 flour Mills there dating back to 1850. I found a bell dating to Sept 8, 1863. Likely a bell to one of the flour Mills. The bell is almost 5 inches in diameter. I also found two dimes, 1907 and 1876. The 1876 has a CC mint mark ALA Carson City. Finally a few weeks ago in a different park I found a 1909 half dollar. All of this with my new Equinox 800.
  10. The VDI read between 20 and 22. Smaller gold rings I tested were I'm the 10 to 12 range.
  11. I received my Equinox this past Saturday. Put it together did the update and took it for a walk in a park early Sunday afternoon. Within 10 minutes of turning it on I dug a massive gold ring. 10k 25.3 grams. UNBELIEVABLE! The internet says it's worth 630 dollars. Amazing. 2 thirds of the cost of the 800 was paid off in my 1st find. Anyone know what those strange markings are on the ring?
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