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    Central Valley of California
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    Metal detecting for gold and gold mining relics or whatever I can find. Jeeps and some Kokanee fishing on occasion. I am also a beekeeper and run 20 to 50 hives just to keep life interesting
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    Equinox 800, DEUS, Vanquish 540, Goldmonster, Whites GMT.

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  1. Very cool thimble. I don't think I have seen that type with the skirt.
  2. Damn you are finding the goods. Does the house have a basement? That would be interesting...
  3. Monte, I am using the X35/9" coil on the DEUS. This site has tons of flat can pieces and square nails. I don't think I would use the DEUS for park type hunting for coins but, it really does well in old sites like this.
  4. I would consider that a good hunt. I have yet to find a Barber of any type.
  5. Hey Joe at least it looks cool there. Here in central California we are well over 100 degrees.
  6. I have the Mi-6 and it is my favorite. It is very reliable compared to others I have used. One note is you have to have the grip of a rock climber to get the end cap off.
  7. Yes, I have made the mistake of trying to straighten a few Relics and didn’t end well. Leonard Short Designs repairs such things. May be too expensive though. He appears to restore civil war items.
  8. The middle buckle is really neat it must have been really cool when new. Nice relic finds F350.
  9. I’ll just add it to the site collection. I think that is best. 🇺🇸
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