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    Metal detecting for gold and gold mining relics or whatever I can find. Jeeps and some Kokanee fishing on occasion. I am also a beekeeper and run 20 to 50 hives just to keep life interesting
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  1. That’s cool Eric. I also have quite a pile of the buttons. Your coin looks much brighter than mine
  2. Ok Joe and F350. Maybe better pics here.
  3. Joe, really cool find on the pics. I’ve been hoping to find a brass bullet mould but this will do for now. F350. Let me try to get a better pic. The stamping is not very clear on it.
  4. Thanks Joe, I tried but maybe too much sun today and it’s pretty small.
  5. Second day on the small flat but this time with the DEUS.. It pulled a few good targets using Fast with the XY screen. The Mexican Real and the pistol tool were maybe an inch apart and the DEUS heard them both. The more I use the Deus the more I like it. Cool two piece button in 3 pieces was just under the grass. I am having trouble reading the date on the coin so maybe somebody can see better than me?
  6. Thanks Eric. You are a wealth of information! Thank you
  7. Found these today up stream from my normal digs. Look like game pieces too me. They are stamped on both sides.
  8. Found it with that junky DEUS Tom. I actually have come to really like the DEUS.
  9. Thank you GB. If you want to see something amazing it would be the amount of lead on this site. They must have daily target practice or they were fighting off the natives, I am not sure.
  10. It was fairly hot today but we had a nice breeze. I was using the DEUS in fast and decided to try the deep program with the oscilloscope type screen then bam first target where the lines all went the same direction was something really cool. The buckle wreath I found on the previous trip. It’s very heavy compared to the others I have found. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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