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    Metal detecting for gold and gold mining relics or whatever I can find. Jeeps and some Kokanee fishing on occasion. I am also a beekeeper and run 20 to 50 hives just to keep life interesting
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    Equinox 800, Goldmonster, Whites GMT, F-Pulse pin pointer.

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  1. The silver is just awesome. How about that reed for an instrument? I have found several all different sizes where I’m detecting now.
  2. Thank you Eric. I haven’t looked in the book yet. This place is crazy.
  3. The brass plate is really cool. I also like the homemade fishing weight. You have the drive to find this stuff.
  4. We took two trips back to the gold rush camp area. I have identified 6 structures at the site so far. My neck is burned and my family is tired but everybody seems to enjoy themselves. No coins on the last two trips but some cool stuff has been pulled out. Powder flasks give a hell of a tone on the Equinox! Speaking of the Nox, it can find small stuff as in tiny buttons and pieces of lead. So here are the pics. My wife dug the Bowie knife and it may be my favorite find. The trident looking thing is a mystery and it was dug by my sons friend with a Whites XLT I gifted him. Cool find.
  5. You can whine all you want. It does suck when you get a good tone and it’s a square nail. Neat finds.
  6. Hi Scar. Good job on the dime. It’s awesome rust and all.
  7. Hi Chuck! I have been a nugget hunter for years and have done well and mostly had a lot of fun. I also now use the Equinox 800. I just go in circles around the chimney and work my way out. Then I just spaz out and start going all over the place but, I find stuff. Seriously just hit it. You will find the goods. The coins I have found have been spread out. I found two recently where there was no iron. They were pretty far away from the chimney.
  8. Thank you. It’s some of the best stuff I have ever found. I started digging bottles as a kid with my friend. There was an old dump behind my parents house. We dug hundreds of bottles then one day we met the land owner who kicked us out and showed up wanting everything we dug. He ended up giving us a small amount of cash but oh well. Lessons learned as a kid. That’s how I got into treasure hunting. You are doing well at your sites. Keep posting the finds.
  9. Actually think the bottle is my favorite. I live in California fig country. Nice finds overall.
  10. Oh part 5, 6 and 7 coming up.. 😎 Btw I have a cat, his name is Harry as in Dirty Harry the attack cat. Tom would be no match for Harry. Tiftaaft hold on to your shorts I fully intend on bringing you part 5. Here is a pic of a non metal but most likely Chinese artifact from a different location. Just for fun
  11. Thanks Tom! I will hold off for now. Maybe I’ll find more soon?!? One can hope.
  12. Oops duplicate post. So should I have them graded and packaged? What is the best way to do this? I have never found anything worth this much.
  13. You bet I am digging every repeatable tone on this site. The ground seems hot, very chattery. Still everything I’m finding are firsts for me. The two gold coins are just crazy. The large cent was a nice surprise. Thanks for all the great replies.
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