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  1. The early models (BFO) used a 67 1/2 volt battery and if I remember correctly it was the same battery used in crank telephones. Batteries Plus now has them for people restoring those old phones and the cost was around $50.00 to $60.00 each. Steve Houston
  2. Well I probably shouldn't admit it but I was the guy throwing those pesky red rocks down the mine shaft, at least a couple of dozen before I noticed gold protruding out of one before I pitched it. Now did I feel pretty silly and disapionted at the same time. Well never again, Rick, will I throw away a red hotrock. Hydroflouric acid fumes can and will kill you. Simply put, it is best not to use it. Steve Houston
  3. Welcome Steve to Sweet Home OR. Steve was able to stop by for a visit Wed. night, the night of our club meeting. Sooo of course we talked him into speaking at the meeting. It didn't take much talking in fact it didn't take any at all. If you don't know Steve he is a great guy and probably the best speaker when it comes to his passion, GOLD. I've known Steve for 15 years and he is a natural when it comes to using and speaking about metal detecting, metal detectors and gold in it's many forms. Thank you Steve! We will hook up in Northern Nevada and spend some time together detecting for gold. Hopefully it will be as good next time as it was last time. Thanks again, Steve Houston
  4. Hello WesD, Countless hours of research, swinging a detector, and just a lucky day! This is the largest we have found to date on the claim and by far the prettiest. Steve
  5. Your welcome and thanks. It was found with a GP Extreme at just over 14 inches deep. Sounded real nice like you know it's a nugget. We know there is more just need the time to spend down there. Steve
  6. Hope this picture turns out. This was found in Northern Nevada in the last two weeks. It has been dipped in acid but just enough to bring out the character of the nugget. The weight is 2 1/2 ounces after being cleaned. Pretty piece with more to come, hopefully. Steve
  7. A fish hook in a dry wash in Northern Nevada and a mid 40's Dodge PU while dredging at about ten feet deep. Steve
  8. Cograts Rick, WOW great gold! I will have my SDC2300 soon and will meet you in Nevada. I am going to try to spend at least a week this time. Now that you are learning yours you can teach me to run mine. Steve
  9. I tend to use the Nugget Busters or when in snake country the Rattlers. The Rattlers only cover one ear so you can hear the snakes. Both good Head Phones and made by the same company as the Black Widows or Grey Ghost.
  10. For gold I plan on using a GMT and a GB2 both with small coils, may even buy the SDC 2300.The TDI SL and 12 inch coil will be used for deeper targets. For coins I use the MXT and 10 inch coil and shallow diving the AT PRO. I can't swim so no need for detectors that will work in deeper water. Steve
  11. I spend a lot of my down time researching new areas. Local historical books, libraries and newspaper archives. Of course I put myself in areas where gold has been found in the past. I look for "New Gold Discovery" or "Gold Found at" etc. This guides me to new areas. Check with the BLM on the status of the areas you wish to "research" further. If it is open visit the spot. If there are large disturbed areas, possibly a Minelab went through there and it maybe ripe for a VLF such as the GMT. If it has not been disturbed, bonus. Now this only works if the area you research has detectable gold. So it comes down to "gold can be found again where gold was once found 100 yrs ago". They did not have detectors then and did miss gold so become intimate with yours. This research process takes a little of your time but may be well worth it and has served me well. So remember "research, research, research" "practice, practice, practice" and last but not least "patience, patience, patience".
  12. WOW nice gold and great story. Wish I owned a 7000 and it was my claim. But oh well my day is out there. Congrats!!
  13. The White's Coinmaster Series might also be a thought. They start at $179 and are easy to learn and operate, somewhat similar to the Ace Series. Most of my friends wives use the the White's MX 5 but a bit more money. Just a thought. Steve
  14. I forgot an important step. HF will ruin an eye if splashed on so wear eye protection (goggles etc.). Get the goggles off as soon as safely possible if they have a few drops on them. There is a liquid form of calcium gluconate designed as an eye wash but I would still make a run for the hospital. The best method is to simply not use HF.
  15. OK here it is but first be cautious HF acid is very dangerous. First a soak in Muriatic for 24 to 48 hours. A short soak in ammonia about 24 hours then a good rinse in hot water for about an hour. Next a pressure wash using one of those neat pressure guns that dry cleaners use. Soak in HF for 12 hours (remember HF is extremely dangerous) wear chemical gloves for this process. Do not breath the fumes, it will burn your lungs! Now soak in ammonia for 24 to 48 hours. Rinse then soak in HOT water for 1 hour. If needed pressure wash again CAREFULLY. If a drop or two gets splashed on you, the best thing is to be cautious and don't let it happen. If it does rinse with ammonia then pack with Calcium Gluconate (Calgonate)and get your butt to the hospital! Remember you may not feel the burn but it will be happening. The best way to avoid burns is to be cautious and don't let it happen, wear chemical gloves and even an apron. Keep the ammonia and the calcium gluconate real handy. I friend of mine is missing a thumb and he insists that he cut it off before going to the hospital. Dramatic I know but I would do the same thing IF it happened to me without the materials needed to rinse and clean the wound. Steve
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