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  1. The interesting fact was that the most stickers where on the box that had the gold. What may have been better is if the boxes were actually buried & so not visible & there exact location not known. G4G
  2. Hi Norvic. Yes, life is full of learning curves. Some times we have to learn the hard way. We have all been there I am sure. G4G
  3. That is a shame Erik. A hard way to learn a lesson about keeping certain things to yourself. I feel for you. I know the thrill & enjoyment of your adventures & discoveries & I really enjoyed your journey as it unfolded, as have many others, but it is true that Greenies & the fun police do graze these type forums looking for ammo against us type. It may not necessarily be a forum member that daubed you in but I do know there are some vindictive mongrels out there that are only too happy to drag you down & cause you grief. Chin up mate. G4G
  4. It would have to be one of your green eyed Aussie brothers none the less. From what I can gather tall poppy syndrome is very alive & well active in your country. Your biggest mistake was publicly telling what you were doing in a National Park. You should have just kept it to yourself & kept a low profile, flying under the radar. G4G
  5. The exact reason I got an MXT 300 was to target some massive bucket dredge tailing piles in my neck of the woods. I tried with my PI but it was just a bit awkward on the steep faces of the piles due to its weight & the angle of having to detect on. Not to mention the loose state of the rubble piles. Seemed like one step forward & two backwards. Bloody hard detecting. Lots of deep rubbish & no gold. It was a hot summer day back then. I only lasted a few hours & gave up on it. Got the MXT & guess what...haven't been back since. Now I have the Nox 800 with the larger coil so t
  6. We will never know, & what does it really matter? How long is a piece of string?? What does matter to us is how much can we find detecting, today, tomorrow & into the future. G4G
  7. When using the GPZ I just smash into it with the pick & don't pussyfoot about time wise. Once the signal is out I then either just use my hand in grabbing a pile of dirt to wave over the coil or use the scoop if it was a faint signal, small target, to start with. I haven't damaged a piece of gold yet. The only time I actually use the scoop for digging/scrapping is when I am using the Gold Monster or Nox 800 on shallow fly poop gold. G4G
  8. I actually wonder why Minelab even called it a GPX 6000. It isn't remotely the same as any of the other GPX range of detectors. Hell....it wont even take the other GPX detector coils. Guess the only similarity is the color & the coils are white & round. 😂 G4G
  9. Oh go on Gold Catcher. Post some gold pics up. I'm In need of a gold fix. Gee Gerry...isn't it finders keepers? Nice piece. How come it was still there for a GM 1000 to find? G4G
  10. Ohhhh....that's a big call. I am with Gerry on this one. G4G
  11. Even if an adapter were made the old GPX coils may not be in sync with the 6000 technology. I for one don't know why ML even called it a GPX. G4G
  12. I will play the wait & see game. Once it becomes mainstream & we have definite, proven out in the field results. Outside of that it is all here say, guessing & conjecture. My GPZ in the meantime is tying me over just fine. G4G
  13. Not true.....What about the 8" ML Commander coil on the PI's? G4G
  14. I think the reality is that smaller gold deeper is pretty much what's left on offer for most of us & quite possibly where the 6000 is going to shine & where ML are heading with it. Will the amount of small gold & the effort required to dig deeper for it going to excite most of us & be worth our while? I guess that depends on your motive for gold detecting in the first place. If it comes down to making money out of it & having it pay its way it could be a long road. G4G
  15. The Equinox was not simplicity for beginners, that is for sure. I know quite a few who ended up selling there Nox for a Gold Monster. The GM is a lot more simple for beginners but of course the GM is more gold only. G4G
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