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  1. Hey @MD Bigfoot welcome to the forums. Where are you in Washington state? Snohomish/Bothell area myself.
  2. I'd say you're right; I was honestly very pleased to see so many updates come out already, as sometimes it seems as though very few companies have a financial incentive to give consumers an upgraded a product years after it has already been purchased. My guess is that 3.0 was the last update we'll get, and intent is to get Nox users increasingly thirsty for a new machine in the series sometime in the next few years.
  3. Morning y'all, I know we are all at least mildly interested in seeing what new functions or upgrades the folks at Minelab might be cooking up for the Nox line; any idea if we can expect a fourth summer update, or do we think 3.0 was the final? If we get a fourth, what do you think might change? Interested to hear everyone's thoughts as many of you are much smarter than I am when it comes to what is possible or probable in this field.
  4. I tried but still couldn't quite get a reading; surface is highly mottled with copper erosion and breaks up whatever numbers may have once been. If you say you see 1811 I believe you! Anyone smarter than me know how much this would have been to lose back then, taking inflation into account?
  5. All great input, and I myself will be the first to admit I didn't "deserve" this find as I've never really been a coin shooter at all. The area where it was found absolutely could have been a river shoreline in the past as satellite lidar scans show several boundary layers across what is now forest. I will have to check the coins for the details you mention when I get home, but there was no other material I could find in the hole. Challenging location as there is a large amount of hot rocks throwing up interference across the search area. As to the owner hard to say; a strategic bridge nearby likely changed sides several times throughout the war!
  6. I wish I could tell an exciting tale of background research and lost homesteads, but honestly I was shocked at the location; seemingly a completely random spot in a floodplain forest so typical of Northern Virginia. The vast majority of the area is old shotgun shells, aluminum cans, and hot rocks galore. Truly wasn't expecting such a find.
  7. Final tally after going back at dawn this morning to clean out the rest of the spill hole: 1 large one cent, date illegible 4 Indian heads, dates illegible 3 seated dimes, 1856, 1857 and 1862 2 seated half dimes, 1858 and 1854 1 silver quarter, 1858 1 trime, 1861 All for now!
  8. Offer still stands, though my time here is running out; I'll be heading west and leaving all this history behind in just a few weeks. And yes I'm absolutely gonna hit that spot hard tomorrow; I was losing daylight today but i don't think that hole was finished!
  9. 4khz, 23 sens. Was honestly looking to dial down bc it was just too chattery. I'm in Loudoun county Va, found about 25 feet from a riverbank
  10. Was trying out high gain, single Frequency on the Nox 600 on one of my spots; got a very deep high tone signal that didn't even register a VDI. 10 minutes of hard digging through wet clay yielded a nice assortment of silver coins. This machine is amazing!
  11. Whether or not @EL NINO77 misspoke I still think it's an interesting concept, and hearing folks such as yourself explain that you can in fact sometimes hear a differentiating audio signal between similar looking targets leads me to believe that there are subtle differences that might be readily obvious with spectrum analysis, if not to an untrained ear. I think one immediate issue is that while the equinox can connect to headphones with Bluetooth, is not clear whether you could make a connection to say a computer or smartphone the same way.
  12. Good morning all! I saw a post yesterday where someone mentioned the possibility of linking the equinox to an audio analyzer to get a visual readout on target tones and I found the idea fascinating. I've never seen this done and was curious what the old hands here thought about the idea. I'm sure the engineers at minelab (or any other shop) configured the sound of their machines with the human brain in mind, so our wetware may already be the best analyzer there is. But I can't help but wondering if a visualization of the audio would provide interesting heretofore undetected differences in targets that appear to be mostly indistinguishable to a rookie ear, namely uniform can slaw and pulltabs. Anyone here have any idea?
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