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  1. https://www.minelab.com/anzea/support/product-notices?article=482551 It’s been about for a little while. Checked my coil yesterday and it’s got tiny little cracks too. I won’t be sending it back as my coil is perfect, I’ll be making the repair with fibreglass and reinforcing it. Either that or replacing it with the NF coils when they’re released.
  2. No where near enough. I wish I had more free time to get out and go prospecting but I just don’t. I’ve been for 2 decent trips this year, one 5 day trip and another 4 week trip with a couple of day trips thrown in between.
  3. Why is it that ML has designed two of their latest releases to have the speaker facing well away from your head? 6000 with the speaker on the back of the control box and this one with the speaker facing the coil???
  4. Didn’t that blow up. I certainly wasn’t expecting that.
  5. I plan on kitting it out completely (I plan on living in it). The draw bar is quite long thankfully and it’s currently to light, so having the weight of a bike on there should help with that. I certainly can’t justify the prices of new Chinese import hybrid caravans, so this is the next best thing (some of those things carry prices upward of AUD$70k!). Not sure I’ll be going the e-bike route though, I’m a petrolhead at heart.
  6. Purchased this trailer that I’m going to convert to a camper/off grid set up that I should be able to stay in for up to a month away from civilisation. Plans are to have bulk water (about 350L, more if I can fit it), plenty of solar power (lithium batteries), and a motorbike on the draw bar (if it’ll fit).
  7. Was quietly scrolling through my Facebook feed when this little tidbit popped up from JP’s shop page… Not long now!
  8. Yep, and that one includes a date, presumably the release. 27/08/22.
  9. That is also a horrific coil cable winding job.
  10. I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed when this little gem popped up from the Minelab page…
  11. No, where it will be a proven performer will be in a market like Africa, and the way their ‘competition’ sells there, I don’t hold hope for them.
  12. So for anyone wondering the price of Garrett’s new detector in Australia: As posted on Facebook by The Prospector’s Patch. With a price like that I think they’ll be fighting an uphill battle here…
  13. I know what happened, I didn’t want to say to much more as it’s not my place to say, and thankyou for setting me straight. I certainly wasn’t incinuating you were outside your bounds either. I apologise if you take it any other way. I actually had no idea you fellas were on here. I’ve watched the videos you have on the channel and thoroughly enjoyed them. Would love to see more, but fair enough for not posting them. People are grubs. You are quite welcome to PM me if you feel the need to.
  14. They stopped due to an incident involving firearms and someone being seriously injured. I know more to the story but this isn’t the place to broadcast that knowledge. I also enjoy Krissy’s videos from Outback Gold Fever. While alot of her videos may not impart much knowledge, it’s great to see some of the areas she works in and gives a glimpse of what I hope to see myself in the near future.
  15. Oh, a reply with a conspracist’s favourite word. You contradicted yourself immediately in that statement, both by saying there’s been issues and THEN saying there’s been a noticable increase in issues since the beginning of the pandemic. 10 years minimum, we will see these issues continue to pop up until labour and components supplies stabalise again. Until then, it’s a mute point to argue. I’m not saying any more on the issue.
  16. One word related to this completely: COVID. COVID has played a massive part worldwide in quality control issues with factory staffing playing a massive one with Companies grabbing who they can, where they can to keep production rolling. Often these people lack the skills their usual labour force hold which then flows down to quality at the end of their production line. This has also affected Quality Control in manufacturing. I’m going to be very blunt here. Getting onto these forums whinging about quality does absolutely nothing to help the situation we’re in. If you want our current situation to improve, get off your backside, get skilled in the sector you want to work in, go to work and do your job properly. That is the only way we will ever go back to seeing the previous quality of every product we’ve ever used.
  17. X-Coils aren’t chasing the 6000 going by previous reports.
  18. How the detector is used would be another one. I remember a person that came in with a ‘faulting coil’ while I was dropping by your shop, turned out to be he was getting overly excited, and throwing his waste dirt back over the detector and it contaminated the plug on the control box. You cleaned the machine up, sorted the problem out there and then and he was on his way. Not many other dealers would’ve done that. I’m also certainly not implying that incorrect use is the issue with many of these faults, especially the DOA machines, but sometimes a step back by users and analysing the issue will very likely help. I’m also not defending Minelab, as there isn’t an excuse for the number of DOA machines that there has been. I guess I’ve been one of the lucky ones to get a good machine straight out of the box 🤷‍♂️
  19. It will always be an issue with electric. I won’t continue that subject though, this certainly isn’t the forum for it.
  20. One of the best things for any Veteran I’ve seen is to get out into the wilderness and get swinging. I have a couple of veteran friends here and they say it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done for themselves.
  21. Jeez I wish fuel was that cheap here in Aus, we’re staring at approx $2.10/L ($8AUD/gallon). Not cheap when you plan a big trip like I have coming up later in the year (2828km/1757mi round trip).
  22. Usually when I’m out bush, i use the solar system I’ve built into my camper. I also made a box with standard 12V outlets and usb outlets that I can plug in and charge all my stuff off of. Makes it easier instead of taking up all the other outlets I need for other things.
  23. Same here but operated harvesting machinery most of my working life so far, I’m 33. My last hearing test, the tester was surprised I could still hear the high pitched faint noises the machine created. I can hear the buzz of a fluorescent light or the high pitched squeal of an older tube type TV, but don’t pick up the hiss that Simon’s talking about, which still tells me there is something wrong with his machine.
  24. 5. The coil will also pick up the cable with it routed as in phrunt’s video, thus giving you a false signal when swivelling the coil towards the shaft/cable. See the attached photo. Even mine is a touch tight. Use a longer loop if you ever run the GPX17 to keep the cable away from the coil.
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