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  1. 1 hour ago, Smigo said:

    It's been used by Workers Unions and others that have no Aussie pride from our past.


    It’s unfortunate that they do wave it around as much as they do, the flag doesn’t deserve the representation that they give it. I’m not anti union, but I’m not for them any more, they once had their place but it’s gone by the wayside.

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  2. The Eureka Flag now days represents a stand up against the norm, and any harsh bringings that authority may put down (much the same as back when it was first flown). It also represents unity (our current trade unions love waving the flag around) and mateship. It represents now, the living conditions that we hold dear. Without it first being flown and the revolt that followed, I believe our country would be very different.

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  3. On 10/28/2022 at 10:24 PM, phrunt said:

    Some bad news for Nugget Finder and of course for those like myself waiting on their GPX 6000 coils.  It appears Miners Den an Australian Minelab Dealer has told customers that the GPX 6000 coils that have been made already were all wired incorrectly, I heard hundreds of them were made months ago waiting on the chips to be programmed so they've had to start again as they couldn't re-use the ones they've done, it must be the wiring of the coil cable inside the coil to the security chip or something that they got wrong as if it was the plug end you'd think they could just put a new plug end on them, unless that makes the cable too short or something, so weird of a mistake to make.  This explains the ongoing delays though.

    Another guy has backed this up saying he knew about it but was told it in confidence but it's out of the bag now with Miners Den telling people on the waiting list.  People are discussing it on the GPX 6000 facebook group.

    A sad situation for Nugget Finder, seems they're having a bad run lately and this only makes it worse.  I hope they bounce back from it, the costs of a mistake like that must be huge for a small family business.

    I need to say this… all this information is third hand information that is very likely incorrect. While these people may have said it on a facebook group, they haven’t backed it up, and hey, no one lies on the internet.

    I’m sick to death of seeing all this bologna posted all over facebook and forums. It does irreparable damage to a company, and especially a small business like Nugget Finder. If Rohan shut up shop tomorrow over all the negativity that’s been posted, I wouldn’t blame him in the least. It seriously needs to stop. 

    They’re working towards making sure there is a quality product on sale (and there will be, I’ve had the privilege of using a tester coil, and it was great), but seriously, for there to be a quality product go on sale, this parroting third hand information and negative posting needs to end. I’m saying this to everyone, not just phrunt. 

    I apologise Steve, I needed to say something.

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  4. 6 hours ago, tboykin said:

    I bet your location EMI issue is due to Starlink.

    Yes, we have Starlink in Australia, I’ll be getting it for my camper when it’s built, though I can’t say that’s been an issue as I’ve never had ‘random’ EMI spikes. It’s always been atmospherically induced (storms etc) or synthetically (other detectors etc)


    I was having the issues of my detector going bananas when I laid it on the ground, the update seems to have fixed that aswell. My detector seems to have been a good one anyway, as it was running stable when using it, it just didn’t like being put down.

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  5. 8 hours ago, afreakofnature said:

    Really liking these early reports!

    If you have the repair done can you list the serial number and date of purchase too.  Atleast DOP if not comfortable giving serial #.  Maybe we can find the range on our own 🙄

    I purchased mine about 4ish months after initial release. When I rang up, I asked about this and was told if your machine had been bought or manufactured in the last fortnight, it will have the update, if not, it wont. That was on the 28/9/22 (9/28/22 for US readers). So in essence, any machine manufactured before mid September is affected.

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  6. An update on getting my 6000 back from receiving the update. Took it out for a swing for an hour or so while I was in Clermont this morning on other matters. 

    Definitely an improvement. I ran the external speaker without issue and picked up two pieces in the process.

    I set the machine down to test if the stability held and it did. I never had the issue of EMI while detecting. I ran the machine on full manual sensitivity where I normally only run between half to three quarters. I’m yet to use it with headphones to see if there is a difference as I didn’t have them on me (a friend of mine has one that had the update before mine and he reckons there is a difference even with headphones). 

    If you are yet to get it in to have the update, I highly recommend it, it’s a totally different machine.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    This is the coil size I thought Nugget Finder should have released first, followed by something smaller than the 12" round. Like a 10" round. The 12" is only an inch narrower than the stock 13x14 coil, so very little gain when it comes to being able to fit into tight locations. But 17" x 13" - that's a sweet size, and completely slays the Minelab 19" from a useability standpoint. This will no doubt become the new stock coil for many users in Australia, in particular.

    And it’s SOOOO much nicer to use than the 19” coil too, especially being the same weight as the 14x13. I’ll be strapping one on myself when I head west.

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  8. 13 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    Where? I've not seen this, but maybe I missed it. Links please.

    I doubt people started using their detectors any differently than they have in the last 20 years. Model designs are what change, and how they stand up to the use. Coils come with skid plates, and many Aussie posters over the years have told me how fast they wear them out. There are entire threads about skid plate replacement. That does not happen treating coils with kid gloves, and skid plates themselves imply an expectation detector coils may be in contact with the ground. I sure don't baby my coils, so I guess I'm one of the guilty parties here. Oddly enough, coil ears cracking has never been an issue for me on Minelab detectors, including the 6000. But that does not mean bad batches of plastic never get used in coil manufacture. It happens with all the companies, as they source their materials used in coil manufacture out of house.

    One thing I would caution people about is not using excessive force when tightening coil bolts, no matter the detector you use. Just tight enough to keep the coil from flopping, no more. Some people way overdo it, and this can stress the coil ears. I have seen a few new coil designs lately that seek to change how the coil is tightened to alleviate this issue. The XP Deus coil setup comes to mind, but I've seen others, like the Fisher Impulse AQ, that use inserts that take the force, instead of the coil ear itself.


    I apologise, I can’t find anything official, but it’s been mentioned on Facebook groups and here by others. I’ve also tested this theory myself and have found a stark difference between scrubbing the coil and not scrubbing the coil.

    In my experience, scrubbing the coil induces chatter and unwanted noise, aswell as picking up the hotrocks you wouldn’t normally pick up.

  9. 14 hours ago, Gold Catcher said:

    I think putting out serial numbers is a good idea. I seem to have more luck with my 6000, as I can't really say it's not performing well. Yes, it can be erratic at times, but nothing I can't usually manage. I always contributed the chatter to the enormous sensitivity, something I am not unfamiliar with being a sdc user.  In fact, I found it a very useful machine, although I hardly ever use the internal speaker. For me it is a nice addition to the Z/NF, especially when hiking. The only issue I have is that it is rather hot rock sensitive, something that is not related to the problems described here. Asked if I would buy it again, I would say yes, but only for my particular model of course. I feel sorry about all the other ones having serious issues. This truly sucks! I sincerely hope that the GPZ successor won't be in the same camp!


    What I would like to know is, how many people are using the detector to bulldoze instead of actually swing over ground. It’s been stipulated time and time again that the machine is not made to be scraped on the ground.

  10. 4 hours ago, jasong said:

    They need to publish a range of affected unit serial #'s so the public can know.

    When I rang them to send mine in (it’s been about a week since then) I was told if it’d been manufactured/bought new within the last fortnight (it had not) then it will not have the update. 

    Going off that information, any machine bought before mid/late September of this year doesn’t have the update.

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  11. Absolutely going to call this out @phrunt and I apologize, I posted this 12ish ago on the coil cracks thread and this appears 3-4hrs  later as a spat against Minelab. Is this what it is? 

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful they’ve acknowledged this, but, I don’t think this post is called for. Many products that we pay alot of money for are updated regularly and it appears detectors aren’t out of that reach either.

  12. On 9/16/2022 at 5:48 PM, Northeast said:

    The EMI and unstable speaker may be addressed with a future update, of which there are rumours about.  We will wait and see.    


    It’s been about for a little while. 

    Checked my coil yesterday and it’s got tiny little cracks too. I won’t be sending it back as my coil is perfect, I’ll be making the repair with fibreglass and reinforcing it. Either that or replacing it with the NF coils when they’re released.

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  13. 1 hour ago, GotAU? said:

    Very nice! It looks like you could put a motorcycle mount up front, and that would be the best load weight location for it. Maybe also a propane and solar water heater, and a camp stove/oven.  Plush, if you have a good battery bank and enough solar capacity, you could put an off-road capable eBike on it too.  I recently got a Rad Rover eBike with fat tires after seeing a buddy’s of mine. He takes his prospecting and they work very well, including Up to a 40 mile range.

    I plan on kitting it out completely (I plan on living in it). The draw bar is quite long thankfully and it’s currently to light, so having the weight of a bike on there should help with that.

    I certainly can’t justify the prices of new Chinese import hybrid caravans, so this is the next best thing (some of those things carry prices upward of AUD$70k!). Not sure I’ll be going the e-bike route though, I’m a petrolhead at heart. 

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