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  1. i ended up with 2 5x10 coilteks. i only needed and wanted one but long story short i had 2. i tested and used each one on my nox 600 and nox 800 same settings in park2 and one 5x10 would always seem to id higher. for a while i didnt give it much thought but now i think there might be something to consider and test further?
  2. it is about direction and who is taking that direction. better to venture than rest. the 1st car manufacturer does not still make the best car. other's risk the venture and that is what i apperciate. XP is going in that direction, armchair quaterbacking is easy and not always helpful
  3. speculation please. what does the future hold? what advancements might happen? keith southern are you out there?
  4. well chase you've really done your homework. thank you for your input and information.
  5. what's in a name? i hope performance that lives up to that name and perhaps more. NM has got a decent reputation so im encouraged. Eclipse is a good one. i like it too.
  6. wow! informative and impressive, well done thank you
  7. and because it is NM we can be assured that they will refine and update. they take a lot of personal pride in the performance and quality of their products. no i don't own one now but i have in the past, from the fores core , multi kruzer and anfibio. i like the company, i like the way NM gets things done - period.
  8. maybe beating NM to the punch by Garrett's Apex was just a glancing blow. they seemed to have shrugged it off and have left it in the past. maybe, sometimes having high expectations or unrealistic expectations is setting the bar high. those who are not afraid of doing that sometimes succeed. Minelab is a great example of that and perhaps NM is too
  9. NM's Simplex detector with its single frequency has made a lot of sales. NM is a very successful company and true to their word. some would say they can not accomplish the goals that they have clearly stated but are still rooting for them. NM says they will succeed
  10. is it possible? something beyond the norm and what we are used too. could coils be more than the type of coil they are now? could they play a greater role with advanced tech?
  11. watch for advanced coil technology from XP and maybe NM that will assist the SMF. Circumventiing the obstacles that currently and traditional occur/exist.
  12. equinox, vanquish, apex sound dramatic as well. maybe even more so
  13. I'm curious about the coil(s), maybe they will play a role in it's SMF abilities that we haven't seen before with other detectors and coils
  14. i was not adding rumors. i was asking about the skuttlebutt (rumors) that i heard. looking for assurance that they where not true. instead i got a lot of feedback that the coil is great even from some who had not recieved their coil yet. so go figure... No i do not have one yet
  15. detector, location, luck, skill vs location, luck, skill, detector. i chose location, luck, skill, detector. some get the 6000 and want the rest to come easy
  16. yeah the minelab equinox is no longer waterproof after the warranty expires. water resistant? maybe, good luck.
  17. i believe NM will leapfrog and then some. they have been a company that surpassed Garrett's single frequency machines with their own single frequency machines. finally garrett came up with the ace apex. do we really think NM can't top that. they are very determined. I'M betting they pull it off.
  18. well said and it needed to be said. some want coiltek above reproach.
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