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  1. thank you Chase for the great info. i have been timid to use IB F2 but now i am eager to explore it more
  2. a short 10 and a wide 5, iron bias f2 maxed out at 9. separation and recovery speed overall?
  3. quality boxing and packaging would make sense for a quality coil. potential problems, damage, defects and delays could happen without it. However it is what it is... Poor packaging maybe.
  4. hit and run, cheap shot. at least i took my medicine when i f'd up. i'm grateful for nokta/makro
  5. Thank you for sharing and the humor, like detecting it is a skill i am still trying to learn
  6. I really enjoy the orx and all it's attributes. for me it is a no nonsense detector with excellent recovery speed and separation, a very clean and clear audio, selectable frequency and wireless everything. add to cart an update that would provide 4 tones and iron volume. oh yes it has great ergonomics too. thank you XP.
  7. maybe they had a bad batch and some difficulties with the 5x10? no it is probably something else and it just takes the time it takes to manufacture a coil.
  8. i cannot and i see your point it makes sense. i have one on the way so i was worried concerned about buying one so soon. thank you
  9. i am new to all this. i am a slow learner. i learn by doing and making a lot of mistakes and i do make a lot of errors
  10. i am just the messenger, so i have been told the new 10x5 coil has mediocre depth and jumpy id. i have one on order. is the coiltek 10x5 made in batches? any user information would be greatly appreciated. please respond politely i am just asking
  11. dilek will shoot you straight and direct. no sugar coating or vague reply
  12. just curious which dealers, cause i want a 5x10
  13. nokta makro had some problems with simplex coil early on and so did minelab with coil ears breaking and coils falsing on the nox. remember? so buy the coiltek. i am going to get one. btw how are you so sure about your statement "there really are no in between states when it comes to coils" that is just false.
  14. they are not fully released quit yet. adjustments are made even during and after productions. thats a good thing, to make improvements along the way. ask them directly like i did, knowing some employees and communicating
  15. i can respect and appreciate that. it will be interesting thank you
  16. coiltek is still tweaking the new coils. i would wait and see...
  17. speculative so far, however coiltek has a good rep. there will be disappointment in the 5x10 coil but should improve in performance after some adjustments by coiltek
  18. so on a scale from 1-10 the apex is a 6? however it's also about perspective so for some the apex is a 9 sitting at the top of the ace series. sort of reminds me of the the whites tdi-sl, with the proper perspective and using it in the right environment in my mind it was a very good detector
  19. so on a scale from 1-10 the apex is a 5 and somedays a 6? but its all about perspective. so for some people it could be a 9 and at top of the ace series. sort of reminds me of the whites tdi-sl, with the right perspective and using it in it's proper environment it was in my mind a very good detector
  20. metal detectors are time machines in so many ways and on so many levels. when you understand that you become a seeker of treasure and knowledge. and knowledge is a treasure
  21. the new coiltek 10x5 is actually 9.4 x 5.3? so it would be interesting to compare it to the 6" and the 6" is more than $100. less or $40. less?
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