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  1. Tim, if I get permission to go there I might just take you up on partnering up. I also hope you find your hoard. Thanks GB, I'll check that book out. I'm always up for learning something new and useful.
  2. Tim, that's awesome. I spent time doing asbestos abatement and concrete at Longview Fiber, then Capstone. You mentioned relic hunting. Have you detected around old homesteads? If so what detector do you use and how did you do? I'm interested in that as well. My mom is from Jones County Miss. If you saw the movie Free State of Jones, that's about one branch of my family. The main character played by Matthew Mcconaughey was my gr-gr-grandmothers cousin Newt Knight, and she later married one of his men. Getting back to relic hunting, there was a legend that one of my gr-gr-gr-grandmothers
  3. Thanks Tim,. I'm originally from French Camp, CA. I moved to Hillsboro, Oregon in '89 then to Longview, WA in Dec 2017. Y family were N.W. pioneers before becoming prospectors. I've been doing my homework on the area around where my family prospected outside of Yreka. Some of the old topo maps show tunnel, and prospect locations, and the CA State geology books are really helpful. I have 13 months until I pull the plug and retire so I can go for it! Lucky 13!
  4. Thanks guys. Between all of your answers, it did help.
  5. I noticed early on that in discussions about the conductivity of gold, that gold is considered a low conductor. This is confusing to me. My understanding was that gold is a high conductor, whereas only 2 other metals are higher conductors. Silver being the highest conductor, and copper being the next highest, allowed by gold. Iron is way down on the list. Can anyone please explain this?
  6. Joe D, I just happen to have a photo of my gr-gr-grandfather Jeremiah Heckethorn and his wife. His is the mine i mentioned that is just a ways outside Yreka. I have newspaper articles that mention their mine which was named Mountain King. I'm one article it mentions that he and his brother had made arrangements to have their ore crushed at a crusher on the north side of Yreka and that one wagon load had brought them $1300. Not bad for the 1880's! Larry
  7. Nice vuggy quartz! Veins sometimes have parallel shoots, so maybe or maybe not on it being an actual fault line. The old-timers would sometimes hunt for parallel shoots which can be anywhere from a few feet to hundreds of yards apart and can dip and resurface along the length of it. I would venture to guess that whatever direction that vein is trending is the direction the fault lines run. Geology books on faults and geothermals for that area are good to check out. If you want to invest the time, you could survey it and try to plot where that vein might run and try to find it or a par
  8. I will be retiring in the coming months and am preparing to get back into prospecting. My plan is to go "high tech". My view is that I may want a VLF to search for small targets then switch to a PI to punch down deeper for any other potential targets over the same area. I'm leaning strongly toward the Gold Bug 2 for my first detector. I understand after doing some research and watching a bunch of videos on YouTube that the GB2 really excels at recovering small gold. My question is, considering it's operating frequency, what kind of depth is possible with the GB2 and considering groun
  9. Exactly! I'm with you on the weight issue. The majority of us don't need a waterproof machine anyways. Garrett is seriously missing out on sales for not offering a light weight version. But who knows, considering their aquisition of Whites, maybe the patents and tech they bought in combination with their own tech will spawn a new line to compete with Minelab.
  10. Awesome... Thanks! By the way my gr-gr-grampa did die on the property when they were felling a tree to build/make improvements to the mine, so who knows, maybe he'll tell me where the big-un is.... 😆 There IS a possibility of large nuggets in that area. According to one of the newspaper articles I found about his mine, they found a nugget right near their claim that was reported to be 12 inches long and 2 to 3 inches across. I say bring it on!
  11. Thanks fellas, so metal detecting is new to me. Still checking out what type of detector and coil to go with. Gathering a lot of great information here and other places as well as doing my research on the areas I want to prospect. Loving youtube for all the great videos. Leaning towards a Gold Bug 2 to start with.
  12. Exactly Steve. In the mid 80's when I went to school for electronics, a TI scientific calculator wrt for $150. Now you can get an app for your phone that costs just a few bucks. The question to me is how much do you want to pay for the latest and greatest?
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I discovered Detector Prospector a couple of days ago, and after reading a few of the articles Steve wrote, I decided that this sounds like the place to be. I grew up in the central valley of California, and dad who was born and raised in Sonora CA took me with him to check out old mine tailings and panning on occasion when I was a kid. Technically I'm a 5th gen prospector, but In reality I just learned some about panning and mining from my dad and grampa who both passed away by the time I was 21. My family was butt deep in it all right, though grampa was
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