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  1. So sorry about this Mike, but just as has been said, is all that's needed. Maybe put the headphones in a large zip-lock bag with a small dessicant pouch, in case there is high humidity or an insect that could get to them. Prayers for your wife and for you.
  2. Tony, Welcome back to detecting, and as GB and Joe said, tell us a little about what you want to do. School yards, ball fields, dry and or wet sand beaches, coins or relics, or a little bit of all of that? I'm going to stick my neck out a tad, and make a recommendation anyways. The one stand-out best bang for the buck, all around excellent detector is a Nokta Makro Simplex, or just Simplex. Offered without wireless headphones, it's about $250; with wireless headphones, about $340. 5 pre-configured modes; Field (farm), Park1, Park2, Beach, and All Metal. You can tweak the factory pre-sets, change notch, adjust iron level audio separate from the other tones. It has 5 tones, pinpointer, build-in rechargeable battery, vibrating handle (on-off), a forward facing flashlight for night use, and are you ready for this... it is waterproof to 10'. That opens up a lot more options, and another big plus is very high quality build. Rugged but not heavy. Almost forgot; downloadable factory updates.
  3. Wow!!. Well the important thing is that they got the job done, the worst is behind you and now you can begin healing. Glad you're going to be alright.
  4. Yes, this thread is a good reminder that unexploded ordinance from a century or more ago, can still pose a lethal threat. A friend and fellow metal detectorist was on a Delaware beach some years ago, and found some unexplosed ordinance. I believe the beach was used as a military test range during WWII. Authorities came quickly, closed the beach and kept it closed for days, while they swept the area for more. The article was in the local paper, along with his name. He said a lot of people were upset that their beach plans were spoiled by his discovery. I wonder what would have been said, if something like that had actually detonated, or if someone else found it, and said nothing.
  5. The unit (posted by thread starter) is no doubt a used unit, and has been switched with the original. Serial numbers ON the box should match the serial numbers of the products IN the box. And if there is a Nokta pinpointer, it's SN should also be ON the outside of the box, and on the product, which is in a sealed plastic bag of it's own, in the box with everything else. There is no doubt in my mind that you were shipped used units. I would reject the order, and have them replace it.
  6. What a great collection of really good finds. I'm wondering what they were doing, since you said that cut was machine made. I guess there are tracks from it? If you find out who//why that was done, please post back what you find out.
  7. Welcome from Delaware. You're on the right site. Great detector information and hands-on reviews, all organized and at your findertips. Oops... meant fingertips, but I kind of like that new word... Anyways, have fun.
  8. Interesting find; I've never seen anything like it.. thanks for posting
  9. Bob, welcome from another new member of detectorprospector, but not new to detecting. I've been at it for 45 years, and as others, will offer my suggestions, on where or how to start in on this great hobby. As already pointed out in previous replies, there are quite a number of choices in metal detectors, and you have a pretty generous budget. But there is no reason to spend anywhere near that amount of money for a good, capable machine. Sure, you can buy a thousand dollar detector, but with not even knowing what kind of metal detecting you will really enjoy most, I would recommend a more modest priced machine, easy to operate, and good at coin, relic, beach, and even in and under water detecting. As several others, I am a fan of Nokta Makro detectors, and for your first purchase, I'd recommend Simplex. Check them out on the detector reviews here on the forum, and maybe watch some youtube videos. For under $350 you can buy a simplex with wireless headphones, then get a decent pinpointer (Nokta also makes those, as well as Garrett, and others. Buy a Lesche digging tool for land based hunting, maybe a Predator 31-35" plug-cutting shovel, and if you're going to hunt sandy beaches, you'll need a decent long-handle scoop. Pick up a trash & treasure apron or pouch for your finds, and you are ready to go detecting. This will get you in the hobby with good equipment that won't overwhelm, and all in, you will spend less than half your budget. Good luck, and post any questions you may have. This forum has a wealth of knowledge and very helpful people.
  10. To add a thought to my previous post, I'm wondering how it would look if it was soaked in Evapo-Rust. I had an opportunity to use that for the first time recently, and it amazed me how well and quickly it worked. It is actually a pretty gentle rust remover. From their website: EVAPO-RUST® – Super Safe Rust Remover Evapo-Rust® is a non-toxic rust remover dip for restoring rusty treasures. With Evapo-Rust® you can remove rust to bare metal without sanding or scrubbing. Evapo-Rust® is the best rust remover available on the market today. It is safe, simple, and easy to use. No need for mixing. The solution is ready to use.
  11. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make what appears to be some sort of counterfeit coin. It certainly seems to have the right pattern, but if it really is of some ferrous metal, (even more difficult than if made of copper), why would they? Maybe it is just coated with iron oxide from something in the ground near or over it, at one time. Fascinating.
  12. I would probably say my Sovereign GT, although I think at times, my wife has done as well with her Tesoro. It just depends on where we go.
  13. That was more than another day... that was a great day! Nice.
  14. For me, it was around 1973 or 74. Money was tight, and we just had our 2nd child, so really no money for a hobby. But I really had the desire to get some sort of metal detector, and with working overtime and 2nd jobs to just pay the bills, I managed to save enough to buy a Judge. Very poor ergonomics (did they even think about that then?), used 12 AA batteries as I recall, and had it's other quirks, but it worked. I used it along grassy strips at a nearby school, and wherever else I could find the time. And I got hooked. That was more than 45 years ago.
  15. Welcome to the forum, Greg. Nice find; thanks for posting; keep'em coming.
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