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  1. Pretty exciting times. People are realizing they can work from home/the road just as well and starlink will bring high speed access anywhere. I think vanlife and moving to more rural areas will be a popular trend over the next decade. I'm working on plans for a boondocking trailer so I can hit the road for a few weeks at a time. For now, people speak pretty highly of cell phone boosters if you are relatively close to coverage areas.
  2. Thanks. I ordered an XP ORX last night. I know the NOX might seem like a more obvious choice, but I really like the light weight and higher frequency options. I'm going with the 11" coil for general purpose and 9.5" HF coil for gold/separation. I'll probably add one of the vanquish models as a backup/beach detector.
  3. If someone needed do it all capability including placer prospecting, I'm curious which option you would recommend. ORX + Simplex for beach or NOX 800 plus 6" coil.
  4. Thanks for the tips. Maybe I should have posted this before buying, huh? Haha, that's okay I would guess that I can sell it for the same price I bought it for with no problems. If you say the Equinox 800 is better at finding gold (including very small) then that looks like the all arounder I'm looking for. I actually didn't realize that the vanquish models had Multi IQ. Their pricing looks pretty attractive. My main concern is that I don't want to miss small gold. We go to Colorado every year and should be able to find some pickers where we already go. I have no idea what else we will do, but beach, coin and relic hunting are all likely.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking more like going over an area with each coil. One to compliment the other's weaknesses. I'm just not sure if it really makes enough difference to justify. Just trying to figure out how big the difference is between what these two coils would return. I chose the 705 because my understanding at least was that it would do a better job at finding small gold than something like the vanquish models. The equinox 800 was a finalist, but a little more than I wanted to pay. I ultimately decided on the Fisher F19 or equivalents or the 705. This was just the first one I found a good deal on. I'll probably be toting my wife along on most trips so I'll be looking to add a second one. I'll either go with a similar "value" model or get an equinox 800, or just start saving for a PI who knows.
  6. First, I new here so hello and thank you for contributing to this forum. I just purchased my first detector and am excited to get started in this hobby. I bought an xterra 705 with the 8x5 18.75khz coil to go along with the standard 7.5khz round coil. I'm hoping to take some trips looking for gold over the summer, but I live in Texas so I was also looking for a general purpose detector for parks, beaches, dinking around. I'm thinking this setup gives me a pretty solid all arounder to get started. I am wondering about the different coils for these things and how to get the most out of a singe detector. Obviously, the 8x5 will be my best option for small gold. My question is whether there would be a benefit to getting something like the 15" 3khz coil for larger or deeper gold? Would it be useful in this capacity? Would there be much difference from the stock 7.5 coil? I suppose I'm trying to ask if there's a way to get a VLF to work more like a PI detector. I'm guessing I also know the answer, but I'm asking anyway. What do you guys think? Useful or money better saved?
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