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  1. That's insane 😠 1500 USA Europe 2500 !!! Kiss my...First T
  2. Hi i'm looking for someone who can make the noise reduction mod On my white's TDI PRO !! ( Rick Schroeder stopped πŸ˜• and no reply from Paul Montgomery..) I need to do this before being wacked by the COVID...πŸ˜’ Thks for your help Rgds Bruno
  3. I'm very gratefull to you 😎 Thks a lot B+
  4. Thks for the offer βœ‹ But here i must face the "AQUAMANTA family " the weapon of choice to me would be my TDI PRO + the 15 " Detech super deep mono + some " special headphones + the noise reduction mod... πŸ‘‰ = + 10 inches B+
  5. I owned a Blisstool v6 !! this thing can sniff a coin in red clay 20 " deep (with the 11" stock coil ) with ease... But if you have a problem with the machine it takes month before they take care of it and ship back...😬 B+
  6. Hi could you help me to contact the gentleman who makes the mods for the TDI ( Regg's friend ) Thks for your help guy's Bruno πŸ—ΏπŸ’
  7. Hi the owner is now fully involved in electric supercars business...
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