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  1. A guy can't have just one, right? Very situational for me. So, to make it brief, of all of the machines/brands that I've owned over the years I've narrowed it down to four which are the ones I still have.Three are ML and a Deus....a GPX 4500 has netted me the most gold, the 6000 just hasn't had the time on it yet though I'm confident it will surpass the 4500, the E-trac the most coins ( non trashy yard and park hunting), the Deus has accounted for the most coins and relics in trashy areas. Garret was/is the least impressive of all for me. Nok/Mak was good but the shine wore off fast for me. I've easily owned and enjoyed more ML machines than any other brands.
  2. I use a hard bow case for my 6000. It easily fits the detector with the 11" coil attached, the DD coil, head phones, charger with room to spare. I haven't tried the 17" coil to see if it would fit in lew of the DD.
  3. I've swung the original Deus with the high frequency coil (not the super high frequency elliptical coil) in the gold program in Quartzite and found gold with it in very shallow trashy areas. Like you stated...not my first choice of detector to hunt gold with (I'm not a fan of VLFs for my style of hunting gold) but it will do in certain situations. Good work on your nugs!
  4. So far so good for me. No problems and finding gold. It does sound a bit warbely compared to the other GPXs but there is no question when there is a metallic target under the coil. Solid, repeatable signals.
  5. Nice, Jen! The weather is finally getting good in our neck of the woods. I'm headed out tomorrow. Good luck with your recovery. Dean
  6. I would have to agree with what has already been said regarding the hot rocks....the SDC handles them better. The 6 gets the tiny nugs much deeper than the SDC though and, I would guess, the bigger ones deeper as well, though, I haven't got it over any sizeable nugs yet. I totally agree with Steve on ergonomics and coil selection...the 6 all the way! I did pull a small flat nug from a patch that had been totally flogged by the SDC with the 6 that was standing vertical in a crack and the 6 just sang out over this nug. It was the only signal left on this small patch. I'm guessing that it was missed by the SDC and every other machine because it was so thin and vertical.
  7. Very cool, Wes. Most people never get to see a lion....much less up close. My wife and brother have both been stung by a scorpion. It's just weird that I haven't as much as I am on their turf. I have been bit by a diamondback on the right hand which put me in ICU for a few days....I was in my own back yard no less!
  8. Scorpions almost every trip here in AZ. I haven't been stung by one ....they are just part of detecting here. Rattlesnakes are common as well but my detecting buddies and I haven't had any real close calls while detecting. I believe the reason is because while detecting you are moving slow and making lots of noise (coil scraping the ground) which alerts the snake that potential danger is near and they slither off. We've had much more scary encounters with Rattlers while hunting quail or deer because you are moving faster increasing the odds for a surprise encounter. As for lions, we have a large population here in AZ. They stay away from people. In fact, there is only one recorded unprovoked lion attack in the state's history! I've hunted lions or been on other guys lion hunts numerous times. Very tough hunts usually requiring the use of dogs to be successful. Seeing a lion in the wild is a rare privilege. I've talked to guys that claim that they have had close encounters with lions while detecting....I call BS everytime. Anybody that thinks carrying a side arm as lion protection is just being, to put it mildly, silly. For one the odds of it happening are close to nil and even if a lion did attack you you wouldn't have time to draw your weapon. Side arms are for the two legged predators. Having an accident on a quad or side by side poses a bigger danger than any of the creatures mentioned while detecting.
  9. I've only ever used it with the headphones as I'm not much for speakers and the EMI issue has been only a minimal nuciance thus far. I have had my phone on me every time so I attributed it to that. The interesting thing, thus far, Im impressed with is the lack of interference from plane traffic. Detecting in the same areas in Central Az (which is a high traffic area for planes flying over in to Phoenix) with the SDC I would literally have to stop detecting for a minute or two until the plane was out of range. On high traffic days I would just quit. Not so with the 6. There have been a few moments of minimal plane interference but nothing like the SDC. Has anybody tried doing a noise cancel when the plane is flying over to try and tune them out? I think previous SDC owners will have a easier time with the 6 as their thresholds are very similar...warbely. I'm gonna keep my 4500 as I think the two machines complement each other....each making up for what the other lacks.
  10. I'm sorry to hear this news. I enjoyed his vids and his input. RIP, Des. Dean
  11. I can't wait until I find a nugget that is name - worthy! Of course, it has to have the word "The" in front of its name as well 😁. Incredible find! The Dean
  12. SDC is a great machine...Congrats on your purchase! I believe that Steve is right on the money....there are places (most IMHO) that VLFs just can't do the job due to the ground conditions. I've seen many guys get frustrated trying to detect (successfully for gold) with a VLF. Yes, there are certain areas and conditions where a VLF can operate for nugget shooting but they are not a good primary tool for use as a nugget shooter. I believe that a guy should have both a PI and a VLF and know when and how to use each for their specific strengths. If I could only have one it would be a PI. Good luck! Dean
  13. Hey Rob, I hope you and yours are well. Nice nugs! Thanks for posting that up! Dean
  14. I'm deeply saddened by this news. Fred has been a main stay on the forums for years. I'm meeting up with Chris Gholson tomorrow morning at the Q and I will let him know of this sad news. We will remember Fred with a toast around the camp fire. Dean
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