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  1. I'm sorry to hear this news. I enjoyed his vids and his input. RIP, Des. Dean
  2. I can't wait until I find a nugget that is name - worthy! Of course, it has to have the word "The" in front of its name as well 😁. Incredible find! The Dean
  3. SDC is a great machine...Congrats on your purchase! I believe that Steve is right on the money....there are places (most IMHO) that VLFs just can't do the job due to the ground conditions. I've seen many guys get frustrated trying to detect (successfully for gold) with a VLF. Yes, there are certain areas and conditions where a VLF can operate for nugget shooting but they are not a good primary tool for use as a nugget shooter. I believe that a guy should have both a PI and a VLF and know when and how to use each for their specific strengths. If I could only have one it would be a PI.
  4. Hey Rob, I hope you and yours are well. Nice nugs! Thanks for posting that up! Dean
  5. I'm deeply saddened by this news. Fred has been a main stay on the forums for years. I'm meeting up with Chris Gholson tomorrow morning at the Q and I will let him know of this sad news. We will remember Fred with a toast around the camp fire. Dean
  6. Yep, what Flak said. I have found my largest chunks on the fringes of the well known areas. Nenad once posted " take the path of MOST resistance". This advise has paid off well for me. Go in to the well known areas and find the hard to get to, brushy-est areas...do a little "land scaping" and swing away. I once spent an hour removing brush from a small impenetrable brushy gully about 30 feet long and 10 feet wide, in a hard hit well known area, and recovered the nugs that are pictured in my avatar. I went back did and some more "landscaping" and recovered another 6 grams or so.
  7. Save a little more money and get a used 4500. I've seen some for +- $2000. Be patient and get something worthy.
  8. In my experience, there are quite a few local vendors/service providers that will trade for gold. A local dentist will gladly trade, my locally owned gun shop, a landscaping outfit, and the owner of the gravel yard will trade for gold. I would guess that there are more and that it's just a matter of asking. I need a new a/c compressor for the wife's Tahoe (it's warming up pretty quickly here in AZ) and I'm gonna ask my mechanic if he will trade out for gold...perhaps just the labor part.
  9. I'm headed out tomorrow for a few days. Good luck! Dean
  10. Nice nugs, Manny! I, too, live in AZ. The desert is beautiful right now. I'm headed to the Quartzite area on Thursday for a few days and I'm going to play with the stabilizer settings a bit because of your posts. Having the stabilizer set as high as 1 or 3 ( remember a 1 is a very high setting= more filtering. A 12 would be less stabilizer) seems counter intuitive for those tiny nugs to break the threshold... especially at depth. I have always gone with the conventional wisdom that the least stabilizer ( higher number) that you can get away with the better. Thanks for your posts on the 45
  11. I use nearly the same set up as Gold Hound. Lipo battery and wireless head phones...I'll never go back to being attached to the big brick battery. Dean
  12. 2300- Yes 4500 and all associated coils- Yes All other Coin and Relic machines - No. I live in AZ where the nuggets are abundant but the valuable old coins and relics aren't (not like back East or California). In terms of enjoyment all have "paid" for themselves many times over. Happy New Year! Dean
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