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  1. In Field 2, on the 800, I generally keep the recovery speed at 5/6 unless I'm in machine gun iron then I speed it up to 7. At which point, I also bump the iron bias up from 1or 2 to 3 which helps eliminate some of the falsing. It's a trade off. I would rather dig a few falses than miss a keeper hiding in the iron. The stregnth of the Nox is it's ability (speed of recovery) to separate in the heavy trash. Lowering the recovery speed in a trashy area is like putting a two barrel carburator on a Lamborghini. Over time you will be able to hear the "tells" of falses in the faster settings. Nevertheless, we will still get fooled now and then. Also, lowering the sensitivity a couple of points will help with the falsing as well. Dean
  2. You hit the nail on the head. The Nox has great tonal qaulities. Iffy sounding targets are usually junk. I mentioned a while back that I am rarely ever surprised by an iffy signal being a good target. Where as, I was often surprised by iffy signals on other machines being good targets. Clive describes this very well in his book. As you use the Nox more, and trust what it is telling you, your treasure to trash ratio really improves. I believe that the guys who purchased the Nox and then sold it soon after claiming that they were digging more junk than ever didn't spend enough time learning what it was telling them. It's tones are very descriptive. Dean
  3. I like Field 2 for the type of hunting that I do. If you get in to a trashy area you may want to raise your recovery speed and see if it helps to ID good targets in the trash better. Great job on the coins! Dean
  4. I would think that ML will improve upon the Multi IQ platform. Perhaps, a Nox with FE-CO display and target trace (hodograph)? GPZ with discrimination capabilities? Dean
  5. Norm, Same thing happened to me and, like you, I just did a factory reset on the detector and that solved it . No worries. Dean
  6. Just got your book from Arizona Outback, Clive. I can't wait to get in to it. Thank you! Dean
  7. They both hit the the high conductors very well. Dean
  8. I only use 50 tones. Just more tonal information. After a while your subconscious becomes " tuned in" and you just know by the nuances of the tones what you are digging. Coming from the X-Terra and then the E-TRAC, using full tones, it was an easy transition for me. 5 tones just sounds " weak". Dean
  9. Nice work! I usually ignore the zinc penny numbers as well in the more modern areas I hunt. Last evening though, I got surprised. I was hunting a small wood chips tot lot as I only had about an hour. It was pretty clean. Someone else must have hit it recently. I'm detecting the area of the big kid swings and I got a solid "zinc penny" hit 19-20. I decided to dig it since targets were few and was rewarded with a beautiful brass compass. Weird. Sometimes you just don't know what you're passing on. Dean
  10. Nice! Seems like you and the Nox are really gelling well now. Dean
  11. The steak lives on until next fall! Very nice work! I always enjoy reading about your hunts and enjoy hunting the beach vicariously through them. Thanks! Dean
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