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  1. Wow lots of good thought to think about. I'm glad I decided to get some opinions other than sale people. Thanks for all the information I will be researching more tomorrow. if any luck I will be out when the snow melts (if it ever does). Cheers to all.
  2. Thanks everyone, I will be checking out the reviews, and really never thought of what I want to hunt. I just thought all detector cover all metals but I am learning they don't Cheers and thanks again
  3. Hello, I was in search for a hobby That takes me outside. I was a rock climber, kayaker, backpacker, Ect...... Bu know at 50 I had a heart attack, and a bad back so a lot of the extreme sports are done. Living near The great Lakes and spending a lot of time in/on/ and near them might be a good place to spend a day metal detecting. I was wondering if anyone has the time to share what is a good detector for around 1000.00-1500.00, All the reviews I have seen so far are trying to sell me something. So un-biased reviews and thoughts would be great. I would like to buy something that I would not ha
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