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  1. Just a reminder:

    Small Miners claim holders need to have their Affadavit of Labor or their Intent to Hold County Record copies filed with the BLM State office by end of day tomorrow Wednesday December 30th.

    Don't be late or you will lose your claim.

    Thanks for posting this, it probably saved somebodys bacon. I appreciate the fact that this type of service to others(newbies-in my case) is done by forum members just to help others out.

    Thank you.

  2. Sorry to hear of your malfunctioning equipment, it really does suck, losing all that potential time because machine is down(my fors gold). Good fortune to those persons that help people in that situation out.

    Just a few years ago my nephew started his journey in geology, now he is doing very well for himself working for energy company in tx. I think thats really cool being able to take class along side your dad, lost mine in 96, never did fully appreciate that together-time until it was gone, make em good times and youll have nothinhg to regret.

    Nice little batch o coins.

    good luck and merry christmas to you as well.

  3. Hello and welcome Nenad Lonic.

    I too look forward to more posts, i choose this website a my main spot back in april. the info is great, the people tend to more civil and respectful here than other sights i checked out, imo.

    btw-i like your name, never met another person yet with it, and i like unique.

    Good to have you here and good luck out there. therell

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  4. Seems most of the science for something like this has already been done, at least the articles i found seem to me to indicate so. And after having read a little it might be able to be done without aid of siesmic sensors.

    Another case of "should have googled it first".

    Thank you to those who posted.

    Scott-hope that i didnt sound fececious with those comments, heard a vague referance about those rods and a silk shirt and hair standing on its end. Also think that the rod with hemp/silk/other organic sheet-type material wrapped with the gold wire(ends having tails bent to 90° of the rod) may be fun to try.

    (The smart people comment was meant to compell those persons who know to post up. no disrespect intended.

    Happy holidays and best wishes.

  5. Tom, if you were looking at my sketch it isnt the gratest. the solid lines on upper drawing represent the coil windings with arrows indicating current flow direction. the inset/lower drawing is an exagerated depiction of theorized em field of the center halves of the coil.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Tom, im not sure i grasp your meaning.

    when two conductors have current flowing the same direction and are placed close together they form figure eight of sort as thier em field.

    when that current is flowing in opposite directions the em field balloons in the middle making it look more like a diamond.

    i theorize that this ballon effect may add to the depth the em field is capable of reaching.

    if youre refering to the chart it represents a materials ability to tranfer voltages efficiently.

  7. My idea is to find conductor that makes the biggest em field by least weight and current, then to wind each half of coil in opposing directions creating an elongat sed em field to hopefully aid in penetration. i suspect that the spiral wound coil does same thing(creates bigger field ) but someone beat me to that idea.


  8. I apologize if these are ignorant questions, been a while since i worked electrical principals and theory.

    i know the type of material in a coils core helps to determine its em field(as well as #turns, length to width ratio and amount of current) i just dont know the characteristics of each material as far as field strength.

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