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  1. Sorry Clay Diggins, i really had no question, i was merely looking for verification that i was indeed f*$*&&. My claim fell within lands segregated for sage grouse. I cant re-file now as they cant validate claims. Thanks for all the great info, your efforts are appreciated.
  2. Really i dont know if they could as its not tied to currency anymore. I guess the real question would be what power does presidential executive order really have? Can all of a persons rights be suspended by our govt?
  3. Im sure they all thought it would never happen back in the thirties. what odds do you give it in 16'? How about that safe deposit box, how do i get into it when bank is shut down? FFT...
  4. I was told that because i missed sept 1 date with noi that my claim was invalid as of sept 02.
  5. I think its legal. ethical? What it is(imho) is a tool, and like most any tool, its use depends on the person behind it.very good posts guys! "Work the problem, until you solve it" -good stuff.
  6. Does anyone know the specific legally authority that grants jurisdiction outside of the D.C.? I have been led to believe that the legal authority doesnt exist outside the district of columbia(legal mumbo jumbo i dont pretent to understand fully), could this be true?
  7. Tin horn that i am i missed my sept 1 filing date. Called state blm office and those nice ladies sent me the federal registry notice. now i know; 1 you cannot be granted claim on segregated land (But they will take your money) 2-you can still mine/prospect on "recreational" level. 3-must contact state around sept 20, 2017 to find out if withdrawl will become effective(and only a vast public opposition has any hope of stopping it). I think i may still re-record my claim at county, perhaps this will give one legal grounds in future. For 12.00$ its a cheap insurance/chance.
  8. Congrats to hunting party! Im jealous..i didnt plan on spending enough time down there and look forward at chances next year.
  9. I didnt watch the video bit i am impressed with my fors gold sesitivity, while at rye patch event a fella buried a 3/4 oz nugget 12" deep, ran over with a gm vsat, at gold, f3 and nokta. That nokta hit twice as loud as others. I hadnt had opportunity to test on anything of size at depth, it was refreshing to see.
  10. Found on ebay, motivated seller was asking 750. I talked him down a bit.
  11. P.s. hows your nokta? Havent sent mine in yet-dreding being without it even if it is stuck at 50% sensitivty in default.
  12. Jasong, didnt cross my mind tell i was into it(truth be told i wasnt to far into it and could have put it back toghether to do so), but i have yet to damage anything. and figured i could. maybe find another f3 owner who could verify my #s after re-assembly.
  13. R u smilin yet Ivan? Pun fully intended! guess that isnt rocket science either( disregard test two) ha.ha.. alright. anyone curious? need a pic? know of reference matl on coils and thier construction principals? Could just put stock coil connector on other coil but woruld like to find a new one, as well as a oulet for surplus pieces if anyone does it.
  14. Two sucked, hence the preview post option. test three.
  15. I know, i know. I do all of my postin from phone, so i havent taken time to attempt it. i think if. i go to desktop mode i might b able to, and will attempt to do this this evening. It is true Ivan, a picture can be worth a thousand words, especially if they are not the most technically accurate. thanks for kick to do more, i ve been needing to learn to post photos. more to follow in p.m.
  16. Half hour from the house, how fricken sweet is that! Good job, it sure does look nice. Interesting bit w regards to sdc, thanks for sharing. Best o luck.
  17. So i got a little cuious abt my f3 and ability to adapt to other coils and took her apart. the coil plug in is a smaller 6 pin unit. 5 wires attach at coil adapter;blk,red,yel,blu, and green. Circuit bd tentitavly look like blk n red are tied as well as yel, blu, and grn. coil has 29 turns with a little steel/non copper wire soliered to the leading/starting end of loop. the ANTENNA as i call it, is aprox. 10" length, starts at soldier conn near coil cntr goes 6 oclock to wrap around insulated portion of coiled wire where it enters coil pltfrm. then it goes to abt 10 oclock position bout half distance between cntr and edge of coil, passes from top side of spool to bottom side of spool where it then turns right angle to upper run and terminates bout half distance from coil cntr at aprox 2 oclock bearing from cntr. the spool is styrofoam 3/4 thick w/ spool groove being 5/16 " wide or tall, and in-set abt 1/2 " it is held in place by rubber band and entire surface of spool is wrapped with heavy paper that appears to have graphite? looking coating on it. AND HERE I THOUGHT THIS STUFF WAS ROCKET ZCIENCE. LOL. Just my preliminary findings, for those curious. now i just need: info on winding coils, findd small 6 pin plug-ins, and a 3d printeer to make coil foot adapter to hold other coils. thats it for now, gotta do some home-work on it. I ll post more later. Happy hunting.
  18. Can the 4500 be upgraded to 5000 specs by any of the boys doing mods?
  19. Hello Beardog, congrats on your gmt. i am glad to know of your experience with it, seems i am not the only one who has learning to do. I had same thing with water in handle/tube and all you need to do is fill upper tube before switch with silicone if you dont want to drill. i had my nokta do same thing too and will put silicone in intermediate tube to keep it out. Good luck out there.
  20. Seeing as you asked Steve, here i go; My gmt- head phone jack on front of control box, short adjustment span, poorly sealed unit. my f3- piss poor molding on ear piece, collapsing/telescoping rod clamps trap dirt(scratched the crap out of carbon fiber and plastic shafts first time out) rocks n dirt got inside shaft when i tilted it up[ will silicone it up and maybe tape at clamps]. my fors gold- tight quarters on handle plug-ins, a screen you cant see, and an led light thats dim and has poor switch location. Loaned gpx4500-same ole bulky housing that always wants to tip over. my ideal detector- adjustable grip on a strait shaft, back pack mount elec. and batt, and control functions and screen on left fore-arm mount.
  21. Glad you shared your outing with us. I could almost see it. my last trip rewarded me with an ole broke pick and an axe head among other rusty and grey matter. i think the gold is waiting for next year, because if i find any this year i ll be lost to the greenstone belt.
  22. How very interesting, both your life and the information on the jade. i dont believe we have any white jade of quality in wyoming, but we do have beautiful nephrite jade about an hour twenty min. away in jeffrey city area. old story around here says there is/was big old boulder of it covered up by early rockhound( near 3 ft dia. range). who knows? I havent went to find it yet.
  23. Sweet! Good to see your patch is still giving it up, hope you do very well. Thanks again.
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