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  1. Tvanwho, I use an inexpensive e-trex unit, which you have to download maps to, which is kind of a pain. I also have used my phone(any digital camera on a phone does record gps location, you will not see lat n lon on photo, but it is in the data and can be read in details portion of most devices). Lately I have taken to printing out google earth screen shots of interested areas, they give my very good idea where im at and i can flip over and jot down notes. As a side-note I believe these newer units that record all of this info are easily shared and stored, so if a person or group were so inclined they could track all your meanderings and use for thier own purposes. Its no secret that they withdraw any area w serious potential here in wy that they can, and a website with everybody's way points would be excellent tool to see where we are visiting.
  2. One other thing i noticed was recurring signal at 12:00 position but this was probably due too metals on or in my persons.
  3. I believe the detector does hit (i should say register probably instead of hit) on plants w/ enough moisture in them or perhaps some minerals in root collection, the same plant when approached slowly wont sound off as it did when bumped at higher swing speed. Moisture and movement? Dunno, just observations. Definately sounds off on tunnels themselves as i dug out many feet of them while determining what signal origination was. Could also be a moisture issue? ground was moist but moisture not peesent in tunnel space itself thereby change in conductivity? Still observing and learning. I too am rough on my coils, i try not to be but its rough country.
  4. Nice Chris, very nice. Do you have enough of those nails to build a house yet? I think in my couple months ive got close to 2 lbs.. ha ha .. nobody else will hit on em now anyway. Happy hunting.
  5. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I believe one is in my future, as it should be just the tool i need for this small gold and those quartz samples.
  6. Nice finds! I have noticed that my fors gold appears to hit on vegetation once in a while, also noticed it hits on burrowing mice tunnels. Also noticed a little bump noise with mid coil but only when swinging to fast and contact object, contact at point other than coil (shaft) doesnt produce bump though.
  7. My condolences on the loss of your friend, we are better people from having them in our lives. We can take comfort in the fact will take them with them with us always in memory.
  8. Thanks C.G. and Nugget65. I have been trying to figure out how to attach pictures from my cell, can anyone walk me through this process?
  9. Have any of you long-timers used this machine? I cant seem to find a review on forum, but didnt dig too hard. I was thinking abt taping probe to stick to poke in holes in creek, at least down to that 4ft. range. perhaps idenify some areas to dredge next month.
  10. Just out of curiousity whats the setup weight in at? Its COOOLLL, i enjoy seeing these custom units, hows the atx/custom:) project?
  11. Thanks for posting. Too bad im not closer, sounds like excellent event for anyone, but I bet very good for vets-as I find it very theraputic on several levels. I hope its very rewarding in more ways than one for you guys-good job.
  12. C.G., Welcome here. I m new as well, but unlike you I'm green too. Also have Fors gold pro pack and was curious about your observations on the consistency and accuracy of the id. function. I get a 47 with my tiny test bit. I detect some high mineralization areas and think I might be missing some small bits, I've been passing on digging some because the id's of iron and steels have all proved good. Ive found enough bullets and such to cast life-size mold of myself. lol. Do you have any tips on the nokta for optimizing small gold detection? Once again, welcome to Steve's forum, I personally really like the members as wells as the lack of silly rules and usless policies. Thanks for info in prior posts, re-affirmation of good practice's is helpful to us newbies as it signifies the importance the historical research aspect of this hobby. Happy Hunting C.G.
  13. Nuggett65, I too was very impressed with Nokta, my fors gold developed a short in the handle (looked as if wire used between handle and control box had been squished resulting in internal short), as soon as i was able to show them the issue, Dilek had my new handle on the way. Very pleasant person to deal with and very good detector, and it is very nice when the little things matter to them after the sale-they get a thumbs up from me too.
  14. Looks like gooood stuff to me, definately makes putting up with crappy weather a little easier I bet. Well done. Gonna head-out in 24hrs, sprinkleing now with no signs it will be any better either, but I dont care- its been over a week, my fingers r twitching and I cant stand still. Lol.. Maybe you will get a little rain to expose your next adventures bounty. Happy- hunting Lucky.
  15. I like your attitude nuggett65! So, which model did u get? I have fors gold pro pack- I really like the vibrate mode when background noise is present(wind, running water,etc), Although I dont have alot of time with ANY model yet(gpx4500, sd2100,gmt,gm2,fors gold, & gb2 as choices) I will say it appears to be very close in sensitivity as gb & gm's. Havent found a patch yet so cant say much as far as gold sensitivity, however has dug small targets (22 bullet fragments, and what i belive was (dissappeared) a small platinum nugget w/ hint of quartz attatched) at good depths. Tomorrow I will be out putting some more time on fors gold, would be curious as to your experiences with your machine. Please consider a short feedback session after your initial findings. Good luck out there.
  16. Damn right, I'm ready to get in the truck and head n. w. Ha.. ha.. I look forward to the day-even though it may never arrive.
  17. Good show Ron, coins r great-gold coins are awesome. Thanks for the fix/motivation, nothing makes me want to hunt like seeing that it is done sucessfully every week by others.
  18. Norvic, I really appreciate your posts and the way you come across, you sound like my kinda person, straight-shooter, I look forward to more great stories and info. Best of luck to you.
  19. Matt & Steve, Thanks for commenting. I had heard/read that perhaps the quality control and components make be slightly better in older versions made at home not in china.
  20. Gerry, Thanks for sharing that. I believe that i too may have a bit of this in my area as well. Cool to know.
  21. Thanks everyone for helping to fill us in on these machines. anyone use sd v1 vs the same sd v2? Is/are v2 machines any better?
  22. Norvic, Once again another incredible specimen. Sure looks like you have got this propecting thing pretty figured out-you sure have some beauties. As always, love the stories and can relate to the toyota in the river- did it a couple days ago, thank goodness for blind luck! Thanks for posting.
  23. Norvic, That is an interesting image. i have a theory abt golds relationship to sulfur bearing organic material. was this rock seperated to reveal this inside or was it exposed already. Perhaps it wasnt yet grown 50 years ago.
  24. Steve, I must say that looks incedibly fun. I really enjoy the customizing of most anything to get the traits I desire from them, and I see you are as well. Well done on all the quality photo recording process as well, I am very curious to see your finished product. Pioneering people, where would we be without you? Great stuff!
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