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  1. I love the snow and lived in Montana for a spell, sure miss it out there. Hope to retire there when the time comes.
  2. I am in the NE part in Round Lake, not far from Gurnee.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. As I mentioned not new and I understand the tones and how I accept tones, etc. in my head. We are all different to say the least. It will take me a bit but I will get her under control in the next months. BTW, I went ahead and did purchase the wireless headphones for the 60 as well. Hope to share my finds once this white stuff outside has melted away, and ground thaws a bit. Swing low and slow....
  4. Yes it is Illinois. When I typed it in it looked right, then??? Either way, howdy.
  5. Hello, Anyone try Andy Sabisch coin setting on the Nox? What I would like to understand is I see there is offerings for the 800, but will they also work on the 600? Obviously I swing the 600, and coming from the Etrac using his settings, just wanted to make sure. I know the factory ones are good, but everything needs tweaked at one time or another. Thanks for any and all feedback. BTW, I am not new to MD, just to the Nox 600.
  6. Look forward to meeting and sniffing dirt with others that love this great hobby or ours.
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