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  1. I plan on using my nox 600 in the water as well as on land. I also plan on ordering some Tony Eisenhower waterproof headphones. Do those of you who have those headphones use them as general use for both land and water, or just in the water? I ask because I’m not thrilled with the cheepo headphones that came with my Equinox 600 and would like to have one pair of good general use headphones.
  2. Hi Badger. Thought I recognized your screen name from MaineMetalDetecting from when I was a member. I live just outside of Lewiston. Did some detecting at Reid State with Donna(Snowy) and Joe once. Went to a club show and tell in Auburn years ago. Hadn’t realized that their site wasn’t up until just the other day. Wonder what they are up to now? I plan on making metal detecting a once in a while hobby this time, not an obsession. Used to do all night detecting trips as well as hitting some very difficult places to get to. Getting kind of old to go that route now.
  3. Having been in and out of detecting for the last 35 years, decided to get back into it after selling all my equipment 2 years ago. Bought an Equinox 600 and plan on trying it out next week on the coast, the only unfrozen ground in my area. Really looking forward to getting used to it since it is quite different than my prior Fisher CZ-21. My plan for this season is to hit dry sand beaches, water shallows(since I don’t have waterproof headphones yet), school yards, parks, and old house foundations. I don’t plan on detecting deeper water for now, but towards the end of our short season here in
  4. Next Tuesday temps supposed to get over 50. I will call the ranger prior to going just to be on the safe side. The time I go will be dependent on the tide. Want to hit wet sand as well as dry.
  5. Never had any problem detecting Reid State in the winter without a permit. Usually only go there after a storm that pulls away some sand. Actually, most of my water hunting has been in fresh water which has given up a lot of gold and silver for me. More than at the coast. Maybe we can meet up at OOB sometime. My wife likes to get there a couple times a summer. I may go more though. Waiting to get my COVID shots first. Getting the first one this Saturday in Bangor.
  6. Rv, Plan on testing my machine out at Reid State and OOB. Don’t count on finding much, just want to get used to the various sounds the 600 makes. I’ve found that any temps below 50F are a bit to cold for me, especially at the coast.
  7. I don’t have waterproof headphones so I will only be detecting the shallows. At least for now. The scoop I bought is the lighter 170mm Sito which will be used primarily in sand, but can be used in the shallows as well. I’m getting to old to do to much bending with just a hand scoop like I used to do. Had a Stealth scoop in the past but that was much to heavy for the dry sand. A good part of my detecting will be done on dry land.
  8. New to this forum and have already found a lot of useful information. A bit about myself. I’m 68 and have been detecting since 1986 off and on. Mostly on, but off the last two years. I’ve had a few higher end White’s in the past, but for the last I don’t know how many years, detected in the water with a Fisher CZ-20 and then a CZ-21. Decided to get out of detecting about 2 years ago and sold all my equipment. Felt naked without a detector, so I ordered an Equinox 600 and a Garrett pin pointer which should arrive tomorrow. Also ordered a Sito scoop. All the ground here in Maine is currently fr
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