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  1. Wow. Not good to hear how Minelab may be turning their back on experienced users in this field. Definitely right that this unit (GPX6000) as well as the other top end units are only as good as the person using it. There is the fact that "you can swing this thing all day, but if you do not know where to find the gold - all you will end up with is a sore arm". Minelab makes serious quality detectors but I think they are going after the wrong market this time and they may still end up with a black eye as a result. Combined with that, there may be a hell of a lot of used GPX 6000's fo
  2. I'm really interested to hear from the experienced folks on this forum on their field tests. None of the minelab sales hype interests me and i am glad i found this site. Well done all!
  3. I think I phrased this incorrectly. AA batteries are a standard form and format and they've been around for a very long time. All of the detectors that i currently own use them and I'm not concerned that the AA design format is going to disappear (or be discontinued) anytime soon. So looking at the Minelab, and in particular the GPX 6000, I see what looks like a "proprietary type" battery pack. So my concern is from an long-term perspective and applies to all of their models that do not use AA batteries. Will a battery from a 3020 fit on a 4500, or will a battery from a 5000
  4. Can anyone shed some light on the batteries that minelab detectors use? 1. Longevity 2. Cost to replace 3. Estimate if those particular batteries may go obsolete (as opposed to AA batteries)
  5. After reading many comments on this forum and others, i have to chip in on how I am perceiving the marketing thrust of Minelab on the 6000. I have subscribed to Winelab to get their updates on their products and what they do etc. I believe it is reasonable to make the assumption that Minelab does have superior design and technology. For me, this is also re-enforced by the old adage - "You get what you pay for". I think everyone can relate to this. Now to get to the point - how Minelab is "introducing" this new detector, the GPX 6000. For months, I have been getting emails that contain n
  6. Hi All Am new to the forum and have been detecting for 35+yrs. I am posting here to get opinions from experienced detectorists regarding the Minelab GPX 6000. I currently do not have a dedicated gold detector and am considering picking this one up before I have to "hang 'em up" so to speak. I do have a reasonably good knowledge of PI as I have a Whites Surfmaster and have been quite happy with it over the years. I know that right now there really is no hard information out there yet on this machine but I do have a couple of questions: 1. I notice from comments that this unit
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