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  1. Norm Our prayers and taught are with you and Heather. You are one of our prospecting Mentors. The box isn’t full of gold, but it is full of golden memories. Ps. I will always remember what you said to me “Don’t ask you where you found the gold, because there isn’t any more there.” (Gold Basin) Jeff & Poksu
  2. Jeff M Where can we find some info on the recent Hawaii find?
  3. RIP Fred, Going to miss seeing you in the gold fields.
  4. Last week I had the chance to hunt with Lucky and Rudy at Rye Patch in Northern Nevada. My wife and I flew in to Sacramento and drove to Rye Patch for our club (WSPA) annual outing. This is my fourth outing with the club at Rye Patch. I found my first Rye Patch nugget with a GPX 4000 at this outing.in 2014. The next two years was a skunk. Last year I watched how the new GPZ 7000 was preforming compared to GPX 5000. I purchased the GPZ 7000 and it made the outing a more fun outing. With a little pointy fingers and detecting tips from Lucky and Rudy our trip was a very enjoyable one. First picture is Lucky and me holding the two largest nuggets we found. 4 grams and 3.3 grams. The hole is where I got the 3.3 gram nugget 18" deep. The last picture is my wife with one of her nuggets she found with the SDC 2300. Its nice being back in Hawaii warm weather until the next season.
  5. Rick, Nice bunch of nuggets. Thanks for sharing your finds. See you next week.
  6. Nice gold nugget. Heading out there next month, Su will be trying out the Monster. Warm up for the October outing.
  7. Nice Gold to the Three of You! Thanks for sharing and keeping the adrenaline flowing.
  8. Nice haul to you and your group. Anyone used the GPZ 19?
  9. Land matters is one of the best investment I've made. I have a library full of prospecting books and vedios. Membership in some prospecting clubs along with some researching the land matter maps, makes my prospecting trips from Hawaii a more enjoyable one. It's a great feeling knowing you're not claim jumping an respecting the land and the land owners.
  10. My taught on stacking rocks over a gold find, is a Shrine to thank the Gold God. And it should bring you good luck.
  11. A very interesting stock to watch at this time is NUGT.
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