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  1. Thank you so much, Jeff. The built in speaker isn't loud enough for the hubby to hear clearly all the time at the beach between waves and other sounds, so we'll start testing the other options. I'll try your second recommendation. I was not sure if it would allow the plug in and the bluetooth simultaneously.
  2. Hi all, My husband and I like to go metal detecting together, but with the one detector - 1 finds the spot the other digs. We would like to be able to connect 2 headphones to the Equinox 600. I see I could get a WM08 to pair one set of headphones to the device. And if we wanted two bluetooth devices, I believe we would have to have two modules. But in addition to the paired wireless set can we plug a second set in to the same module, so the person with the detector has a wired connection and the second person has a wireless one , only needing one module? Thanks in advance. Michell
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