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  1. Hi, every once in a while I try googling GPEX to see what shows up. I saw this thread. GPEX was my fathers company and forum, Larry Amey. Sadly, my Dad passed Sept 29th, 2016. That is when the forum started declining. My sister & brother in law kept it going for a while. I too wished they had passed it on to one of the loyal followers on the forum. It was not intentional to stop it, it just fell by the wayside in busy lives. My Dad was so proud of the forum and his company. Mining and claims were in his blood, he loved it. I lived in BC and for years would try to convince him to move from Ontario. I sent him a vial of gold chips and said "If you find it, they will come". He moved shortly after and then soon after began obtaining and working claims, buying and selling and founding GPEX and the forum. I wish it was still up so I could pop in and look every once in a while. Drink a coffee, pan some gold, buy a claim and send a fond thought to my Dad. Thank you, Leah
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