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  1. I would have joined the club this trip but it was a family vacation and my time was limited to just a couple days of prospecting and detecting, making the $140.00 just too much for the time I had. When I rode out to see the one claim, I got there late and only had a couple hours to detect an area near them that I had been told by one of their members I met in town, wasn't claimed ground. It was my last day in Havasu and I had to head back home the next morning. I found a lot of 30 cal. FMJ bullet's and nothing else, but at least I was able to get out for a couple hour's and have a little fun. In about two weeks ill head for central Nevada where I know my way around a little better and have access to some claims. Good Luck
  2. I took a ride down a long dirt road to look at one of Lake Havasu gold clubs claims. just to see if it was something I would be interested in joining on my next trip down and see if their was anyone to talk to for a moment. I had never seen anything like it, It looked like a small town made up of camper's, trailers and RV's. Looked like a great place to make friends and relax but I cant help but wonder, after years of that many people, could it still be productive? I don't consider myself a loner, but do like a little space. Does anyone have any experiance with any smaller club's north toward Oatman or Kingman.
  3. It looks fairy good from up on the main road, I'll have to swing down by there and check it out so I can let you know.
  4. I took the two 10 year olds for a ride up toward Oatman to scratch a burrow but and they had a good time, before we got back down to I-40 we took a walk looking for rocks. I found what appear to be 2 sponge and one small petrified wood. The boys both had their pockets full of what they thought were nice rocks LOL: so it was a great day. Tomorrow I might head south of Lake Hacasu and take a look around for rocks, fossils, petrified wood or anything else interesting. I sure envy those living in this area, its an awesome area. I decided to just leave the Gold Pro at the house rather than spend days of our vacation doing claim research, but we are still having a great time. If anyone has any advice for me as to where these two boys could find a fossil, geode, petrified wood or just some pretty rocks within an hour or two from Lake Havasu, I would sure love any suggestion's you would be willing to share with me. Thanks
  5. I did some research last night and locating a place to detect for gold without claim jumping is almost a thing of the past, I come from a time when you went to the county to do your research and you could almost always find something to go look at and do some highbanking or drywashing. Today with the population explosion the {club claims} are definitely the way to go. Unfortunately joining one for a few hours or even a day or two is a little expensive. I would sure love to see some club's start up a program allowing people the opportunity to access a claim or two for a daily fee of $30-$40 dollars. The club would make extra money and others would have the opportunity to enjoy the hobby. In Utah our club dues are only $40 a year but the fact of the matter is, I know few people that have found enough gold to pay for the due's, Prospecting for the most part is not much more than having fun and making new friends. Here in Arizona where you have real gold, it would appear to be a little more competitive and rightfully so. With the advent of youtube and other social media outlets, their has been an explosion in the prospecting industry. I think there is more money to be made developing a youtube channel than there ever was in shoveling dirt. Levi Strauss mad far more money than most prospectors during the gold rush and today the money is in selling prospecting tools and making videos promoting it. {Not that that's bad} its just the new world we live in. Prospecting In Utah and Nevada I have friends and family with claims making it easy to find somewhere to go look for gold, { heavy on the looking }. You guy's are real lucky to live down here, I love it here and envy those that live here. Maybe in the future I can come down with my trailer, join a club and make meet a bunch of new friends. For now I have two ten year old boys with me that would love to go rock hounding, Today I am going up to Oatman, I think they will enjoy that, then head out in search of pretty rocks. Thank's to everyone for your reply's, and good luck with your prospecting and detecting.
  6. I am actually a paid member of my land matter's and get the report now that the new system is in place. Unfortunately I'm too old and uneducated to even open it. Most of my time has been spent in Utah on club claims and Osciola, Nevada on a friends claim. I have yet to find a nugget with my Gold Pro, so I thought this may be the best chance I will have to actually look for something big enough to find. I just pulled in to Lake Havasu for my first time ever, This vacation with my wife daughter and two 10 year old boys was sprung on me at the last minute, leaving me little to no time to search claim status in an area I know nothing about. It's not that big of a deal, I will only have one or two days at the most to look around and joining a club for $140.00 for a day of detecting is a little out of my price range. Maybe I'll take Swegin up on hunting for a meteorite and leave my Gold pro in its bag and take it home. It was a foolish investment living in Utah with nothing more than flour gold to find but I had fun in Nevada pretending I might LOL: Thanks for all the reply's and sorry for string up the masses.
  7. Sorry guys I sure didn’t want to stir people up, I’m on my way down right now. When I get to Lake Havasu I’ll check back in. Thanks for all the information.
  8. Im headed down to Lake Havasu for a week on vacation with my wife, daughter, and grandson. I was hoping to sneak away and use my Gold Pro for at least one day or two. I's it possible to find a spot with any gold in it at all thats not claimed? I would sure like to spend a little time with my 10 year old grandson out detecting. Can anyone help me out with a little info as to should I take my detector or am I wasting my time.
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