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    Detecting CW & Colonial Digs. Hang out with the people I want to be with with! :) Craft Beer and shooting ranges.....(but not in that order)
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    XP DEUS. Tarsacci MDT 8000. Predator Tools. XP Pinpointer. Garrett Carrot.

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  1. Thank you!! I have yet to find silver with this machine, the site I was at last weekend I’m hitting again and I found Spanish with the Deus, so I’m hoping this weekend with the Tarsacci will be Spanish as well. Dimitar told me to use the lower frequency to find the silver so that’s the plan.
  2. I used 18 mostly. But played around with that. I was in 7 sensitivity. Salt was about 40. I used the black sand on and the machine was very quiet. Maybe to quiet. Lol. I talked to Dimitar after the hunt and he recommended being in a lower frequency. So will try that next time. I’m digging tomorrow in good soil. The tarsacci shines in this soil. But I’ll be in a lower frequency for sure.
  3. Hey there. I didn’t set the world on fire. I did get over a canteen spout, some fired bullets. The tarsacci ran quiet in the red dirt and heard some deep targets. Iron and some brass. Some of the lead sounded like iron at times. The brass was a good signal all the way. I will be using the tarsacci again in a few weeks back in Culpeper hopefully when soybeans comes down. I will be swinging it this weekend in the good soil in a colonial spot as well. The tarsacci will find the deep brass. But hopefully some old silver. I hope to use the lower frequency at a new site.
  4. I will try that! I actually tried the lower freq. the other day, but was getting the chatter, but I will definitely try again, I really want to find silver with the machine! The deus loves finding the old silver. I want the tarsacci to do the same. 🙂 Thanks for the advice! 🙂
  5. I talked to him, and he is replacing the keypad 🙂 thank you again!
  6. Love the tarsacci in the sandy soil of this part of VA. The tarsacci is a beast with deep brass, it heard some deep targets loud and clear. The thimble was at least 13 inches down. The spoon was about the same. Still have not found a silver coin with the tarsacci but I know I will. I look forward to the DIV in a few weeks and I will be using the tarsacci.
  7. Awwww!! Thank you!! Thats very kind! I sent him a couple of messages. Will try to call him today though.
  8. Again the tarsacci finds the deep brass today in a colonial site. Love the machine. Old stuff including a thimble at about 15 inches down. Having an issue with the pinpoint button sticking though. Anyone else have this issue??
  9. Thank you. Heading out today again. Colonial site. Will post finds. 🙂
  10. What settings does everyone else use under the big electrical wires. The tarsacci wasn’t bad with interference as the deus was in the same area. But I put the black sand on to get it to quiet down some. Would I be missing targets with these settings?
  11. I know the GPX is the detector for the red soil, but I didn’t want to spend $3000 lol. Maybe a used one will pop up after the DIV. But I plan on using the Tarsacci. I have a friend that lives up there and we have used it in the fields. I think it was hearing what the GPX was also hearing. So we will see, I hope I can get over some brass, the tarsacci loves the deep brass here in this part of VA. I have yet to find silver with it though! Good Luck at the DIV!!
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