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    Detecting CW & Colonial Digs. Hang out with the people I want to be with with! :) Craft Beer and shooting ranges.....(but not in that order)
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    XP DEUS. Tarsacci MDT 8000. Predator Tools. XP Pinpointer. Garrett Carrot.

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  1. I’ll be in the red dirt next week, just practicing. October and November should be good with fields opening.
  2. Both machines do well in the good soil. I bought the tarsacci for the bad soil. But used it where I’ve hunted with the deus in my local fields. And was very impressed with the target separation in the iron. I pulled 8 colonial buttons from an iron patch that many of us had already detected. The 12 inch coil is a beast in that scenario.
  3. I hope it does this November!! I did use it in the red dirt and heard some deep targets, I used it in good soil as well and it was loving the deep brass!
  4. Most all detectors will perform well with good ground conditions….that is if the operator knows how to detect with the machine. Lol…. I love detecting in the moist soil! Targets sing!!!
  5. No. Long summer. But fall is coming and the fields are opening. Will be able to get back out there with the tarsacci soon. The tarsacci loves the deep brass and works well in the iron. Target separation was awesome with the 12 inch coil. I’ll post the settings.
  6. That was the first time out with the tarsacci several months ago. I plan on hitting the red dirt soon and will check my settings and repost.
  7. Basically I use the same settings and adjust when needed. The gb and the salt balance will be the important adjustments, And frequency of course.
  8. These are the settings I followed in the red dirt. And made some adjustments as needed. I like the 18khz. This is a copy from another digger that used the Tarsacci in Culpeper at the DIV. Settings were 12 and 18 KHz, threshold -2, sensitivity 7, Black Sand OFF, salt balance 44, ground balance 552 (which surprised me), Disc mode with disc set at -30. The Tarsacci with the above settings ran quiet and stable.
  9. Red dirt (relic hunting) is on hold until fall. Crops are in. I have a 5 day hunt coming up in November that will be extremely red. lol I’m hoping the tarsacci will find the deep targets. Around my area in VA we have soft sandy soil and the Tarsacci loves the deep brass in those conditions. The tarsacci does very well in the iron. Awesome target separation. I was picking colonial buttons in an area we have hit several times in the iron. GB on this machine is very easy and it’s necessary. I found myself GB more often in the red dirt. I hope you got the 12 inch coil. It’s a great coil and the one I use. Even in the iron. I’ll snap shot my settings. And post the pic.
  10. Thank you! I am happy with that find! On a hill side in the red dirt. 🙂 more hunts coming up in the near future in the red dirt. I can’t wait!
  11. Had an invite to detect near Culpeper VA yesterday in the red dirt. The tarsacci found this awesome Eagle button. Have a couple hunts coming up near Culpeper in the next few months, I feel comfortable swinging the detector in the difficult soil. Will also be doing water hunts this summer.
  12. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results on the tarsacci. I wanted the tarsacci for the difficult red soil dirt in VA. I sometimes dig in. I never thought I would want to use it in my area where the soil is soft and sandy and easy to dig.
  13. I’ve used the deus for the last 8 years. The tarsacci for the last 2 months. I didn’t think another machine could match the target separation that the deus has, but the tarsacci is awesome in the iron! I am hitting old sites and cleaning up finds we missed. The tarsacci loves the deep brass.
  14. The machine is easy to set up, GB is super easy on the tarsacci.
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