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    Detecting CW & Colonial Digs. Hang out with the people I want to be with with! :) Craft Beer and shooting ranges.....(but not in that order)
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    XP DEUS. Tarsacci MDT 8000. Predator Tools. XP Pinpointer. Garrett Carrot.

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  1. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results on the tarsacci. I wanted the tarsacci for the difficult red soil dirt in VA. I sometimes dig in. I never thought I would want to use it in my area where the soil is soft and sandy and easy to dig.
  2. I’ve used the deus for the last 8 years. The tarsacci for the last 2 months. I didn’t think another machine could match the target separation that the deus has, but the tarsacci is awesome in the iron! I am hitting old sites and cleaning up finds we missed. The tarsacci loves the deep brass.
  3. The machine is easy to set up, GB is super easy on the tarsacci.
  4. I can only speak for the 12 inch coil, and I was pulling colonial flat buttons left and right in the iron, it does a great job in trashy areas and iron patches.
  5. I am using the Garrett Z link wireless headphones. After using the deus all these years its hard to be tethered to a machine. Lol. the garretts are awesome and easy to use.
  6. Oh btw. I have both coils and have yet to use the stock coil. The 12 inch coil is awesome!!
  7. I have been using the tarsacci for about 2 months, I live in Southeast VA, mild soil. I sometimes hunt in the red dirt of northern VA. And thats why I wanted this machine. But was pleasantly surprised with its performance in the soft sandy soil here in my part of VA. I dig colonial and CW, I took the tarsacci to my old spots and was hitting some very deep brass. Small Rev war buttons at over 12 inches down. In the red dirt it was hearing the deep targets as well. I followed a friend that was using the Minelab GPX and the tarsacci was hearing the deep cw bullets as well! I love this machine
  8. lol. No time for that. But I do watch videos. 🙂
  9. No pics to show, but I did a video, can’t upload it to this forum. But I wanted to say the one reason I wanted to try the Tarsacci was I heard it might be doable in the red dirt of VA. I have a friend that lives near Culpeper and she has a test garden. Items have been in the ground for about 5 months. The tarsacci heard the targets at different depths with no issues. I love this machine and will use it at the upcoming hunts this fall in the red dirt! The deus struggled and only heard a few targets in the same test garden.
  10. Hmmm wonder who that is?? I detect south Chesapeake too lol
  11. I am a female. 🙂 I live near Suffolk VA. And relic hunt. Not much of a beach hunter.
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