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    Muscle cars ... both 1:1 and 1/43 diecast ... U.S. currency and coins
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  1. The other day I went down to the beach with a friend to kill some time with the detector. I didn't find anything great. Just a several coins. Jokingly I said to my friend "THIS IS A TOP POCKET FIND" and put it in there. Well as we were walking home It got very hot/muggy so I took my shirt off. When I got home and went to take the coins out of my shirt pocket. They weren't there. Well today I went back to the same beach and found 1 of the coins. There should be several more in the same area so I'm going to try to find them with the MD tomorrow. Lesson learned: DON'T PUT YOUR FINDS IN YOUR TOP POCKET UNLESS IT IS SECURED
  2. This was posted by someone else in a different forum. I thought that ya'll would find it interesting. https://www.wfsb.com/news/local-treasure-hunter-helps-family-in-western-massachusetts-find-hidden-money/article_9109b47c-a2db-11eb-a6ef-eb9bac297655.html
  3. This is the bay and not the ocean. At low-low tide you can see old building foundations made of wood about 1/2 mile from the shoreline (called the apple orchard). The house known as the Spyhouse and is in NJ (Patriots spied on British ships going to Manhattan NY). A lot of history here.
  4. The house on the right was built in 1663. I live about 100 yards from the flagpole. I try to go hunting at the lowest tide possible. BEFORE 2011 AFTER 2014
  5. I am putting a 4x8 raised bed garden on the side of my house this year but before I did I decided to detect that area. To my surprise I dug up a 1965 quarter. I know that It's no big deal but it did surprise me! The house was built in 1911 so there could be more stuff out there.
  6. My name is Frank and this is my 2nd season using a White's CoinMaster and an Garrett orange knock off pinpointer. Last year I found mostly fishing sinkers and coins (nothing special). This year I am going to choose the areas that I detect in a much more thought out manner. I detect mainly on the beach and parks.
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