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  1. F350Platinum, Valens Legacy, GB_Amateur, kac, Steve Herschbach: I cannot convey how helpful you've all been! I appreciate the information about used models, pinpointers, spades, the rules of detecting, dealers, models and everything else - thank you! Today I called Gerry in Boise Idaho and bought the Nokta Makro Simplex. It'll be here before my son's birthday so hopefully I'll have time to read up on it before it arrives. There's not doubt I'm going with him when he takes it out. Sounds like so much fun. I'll let you know what we find. Thank you again or taking your time to help me out. A
  2. I so appreciate all of your responses, each of which I read carefully. The input is so incredibly helpful! Interesting that costco is selling one! I'm leaning toward the Nokta/Makro Simplex. Does anyone recommend a particular seller? I talked to someone at metaldetector.com that was helpful. He recommended the Bounty Hunter Platinum or the Fisher 5...I think both of those may be discontinued. Any thoughts on whether those would be better or the same as the Nokta/Makro Simplex? Thank you again! 😀
  3. Hello there! I live up in the mountains near Glenwood Springs, CO. My son is interested in metal detecting and I'm looking for something that will work in our often rocky soil that also, in areas, includes clay. Snow is another big feature...I'm not sure if we need to limit detecting to the summers or if winter detecting is a possibility. My budget is around $200-250. Shopping is bringing me to tears 🙂 since there are so many choices and details to delve into. I would forever appreciate any advice! Thank you. PS: I talked to one person that said using a detector that can adjust to differe
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