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  1. Thank you Steve. Some of those I haven't read before. Great reads for sure. I've never seen actual 90 degree angle iron run in a dredge before. Its always been a modified type dredge riffle from Keene or Proline with more of a 45 at the top running flat with the box. The riffles in this old Dahlke are the same with the addition of 1 1/2 flat bar in some areas. The way this box is set up with the header going from 24" wide to 34" wide over the first 3 feet would seem to me to be the best location for un classified 1 1/2" riffles for bigger gold. Then run a 3/4 to 7/8 wire mesh screen over
  2. Thats a pretty interesting way of using the woven wire. Never heard of that before. Would be neat to see some pics if you end up finding them.
  3. So we did end up pulling that old 8" out of the bush from an old mining camp (previous post). We're going to go through the whole thing and get it back up and running. Main question I have is about sluice box design. I've read "The Clarkson Study" a few times over the years and just re-read it. Did a bunch of googling, youtubing and searching forums, but its hard to come up with great information about sluice box design for a larger dredge like this. I like Keene's sump system for fine gold but I wont be building that. For the most part I'm going to use this on our claims that are on a larger
  4. Thanks for all that great info Jason! Will definitely get that a shot. Some of the ground can have tons of iron, enough that the hole vein will be hot. That was at least at the lode. There is so much ground at the top of the mountain that maybe I wont have to deal with that very much. Would you suggest the DD at all for that? Thats the coil I had on when I found that one pictured. Will also look at getting that other coil. 2hrs till go time
  5. The 5000 is all I have. The other guys who have the other detectors are not apart of this new area. My buddy with the helicopter is thinking about the minelab 1000 or maybe the fisher 19. Okay looks like I will run the smaller coil. Thanks
  6. I'll check those out and do a little more searching. Is the 8" coil good/better for small gold too? Thanks
  7. Going back out to a place I've been to a lot but with a twist. Finally talked my buddy into flying me out with his helicopter. We went last week but only got on the ground for a few minutes before we had to leave because of weather. In 5mins I had a little nugget (pictured, soaked in muriatic acid). I mined in this area last year running a test for hard rock. On out days off we went out with the detectors, GPX5000, GPZ7000, SDC2300, and two gold bugs (not sure the models). The gold bugs crushed it and the SDC2300 next and then the 7000. The 5000 was last. Non of us really are proficient with a
  8. Well thats great to know where the floats came from! Wonder how long the plastic lasts before they get brittle. Also wonder about the power jets, Dahlke is in Texas, wonder if its from them. Good info man thank you.
  9. Thanks for the response Steve. Have you seen those floats before? Owner says his partner (who passed away) worked with Dahlke in 2001 to build it. Sounds like his partner made some of it. Does the power jet look familiar? The dredge looks to be a commercial size and maybe not a mini like pictured on their site.
  10. I contacted the owner of the dredge last year when I found it. I am buying it from him so its all good. Would never just take anything.
  11. Found a little more information on it so Im pretty happy moving forward. Its a custom Dahlke made in 2001. Hopefully its all there. Will find out in a couple weeks. Its from an old dredging camp that is inactive but the claims are still current. Thanks
  12. Been a long time guys... Found an old 8" dredge im thinking of bringing back to life. Curious if anyone recognizes this make/model of dredge. Owner says it has keene pumps and thinks maybe tecumseh motors but not sure. Have a couple of pics but wish I took more. Motors were in a locked cabin so I didnt get to see them yet. Planning on picking this up in a couple of weeks. Will be a long trip to get. If anyone has any info it would be much appreciated. Thanks
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