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    Monaicline - L’étau de restauration pour pièces de monnaies et objets (maisondeladetection.com)
  2. Pino


    désolé, mais j’ai rencontré des bugs à écrire sur ce forum. J’ai créé une page facebook spéciale. Je vais diffuser mes créations et déjà plus de 60 personnes ont rejoint cette page. vous êtes les marchandises viennent. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1103089223545279/
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    hello, I am pino, I am 45 years old and I detect very very often. I have leqionx 600, and the orx. I live in France in Picardy. i am inventive and creative. I am also the inventor of MONAICLINE, FINGER and FLEXBUMP. all to bring simplicity to our detection world. see you soon.
  4. Hello all . I am the creator of FLEXBUMP. Thanks to GhostLands for inviting me to your forum. I created this product to avoid the regular breakage of disk protectors and detection disk. An innovation that I found necessary for the good of everyone. I am a prospector first and foremost, and I tried the coilteck hioer disc in a field, the 14X9. a crazy killing !!! it is terrible, it is on the same level as the depth level minelab 38 disc, but has a breathtaking audio response. this record is an amazing super reel. I strongly recommend it. it makes it possible to find the target more precisely thanks to the slightly pointed head and the masking effect is reduced compared to 38.
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