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  1. Funny the detectors changed but they still sell people on those same hopes and dreams of finding buried treasure, lost riches etc.
  2. I found many small nuggets on the old Weaver claims and many small nuggets in the back of the Devil's Nest on Rob's claims. I'm also a RR member and haven't hunted their claims in the Devil's Nest yet but I detected the ones south of the road for about an hour before dark and camped there but didn't find anything. The ground looked good tho as it's all a huge alluvial fan from Weaver Creek. Big nuggets have been found in that area (Tongue). I haven't hunted the claims in the Devil's Nest yet, just walked past them to meet Rob but that is traditionally where most of the big gold has been found in that area.
  3. Yes I found a nice 2 oz specimen with my GPZ that was deep. As far as the GPZ scoring big gold on old patches the only decent luck I’ve had with it is getting creative and hauling dead trees off, moving rocks, checking inside cactus and crawling under trees and brush. Around Rich Hill my favorite method is getting dirty and crawling deep inside brush and cactus and listening for those mellow signals that were too much work for others. Worked for me last year, found a nice 5 grammer standing on end about 18” down under a big tree.
  4. Be a great spot for a GPZ, those are lethal on species. And somebody get that guy with tennis shoes a pair of boots!
  5. I saw a Youtube video awhile back from Australia with a guy with a CTX 3030 who had a large metal replacement stand on his control box. Was always curious if that would fit the GPZ.
  6. Can someone in the USA purchase this detector and if so from where?
  7. I'll be there. Yeah I visit those folks too and have bought a little gold and silver from them over the years.
  8. Wow that's some amazing stuff. Thanks for posting. I'll be making my yearly pilgrimage to Pieter Heidelaar's suite at the Tucson Gem Show this weekend
  9. I rarely ever find nuggets that are reverse signals. They're always seem to be iron rubbish. High low high signals that sing on my GPZ in a clear, high tone almost always turn out out be gold. I dug a loud chattery 2.5 gram nugget that was on the surface once that warbled like a .22 shell so you gotta be careful. I've also found deep nuggets with the famous GPZ threshold static sound that doesn't sound like a metal target but it's enough of a repeatable, interesting break in your threshold to make you pause and do a boot scrape.
  10. The one nice thing is you do cover more ground easier. It feels like you're sweeping around a trash can lid on the end of your stick but that's nothing new to guys who have experience with larger coils. I've dug one big specimen that was almost two feet deep and under a buried boulder with my 14" coil. Besides that the deepest targets have been solid slugs around 18 inches deep. That's nothing for the GPZ and they were all fairly easy to hear. Just nice mellow tones missed by others because I'm sure they'd have been heard by a GPX as well. I tend to 'think outside the box' a little when I detect and bushwhack under trees and brush and sometimes it pays off.
  11. A lot of those noises I would have disregarded as ground noise. I can think of a few I passed over yesterday that were just one-way signals. It's tough to hunt in Arizona battling the terrain, rocks and grass with that huge 19" coil. It's not a flat, sterile test bed like the video above. I detect in a lot of old workings with sloped sides, rock piles, trees etc. and it's hard to not just listen for the obvious signals that jump out and only dig those. I've only been out twice with the new coil but I can't say I've even been digging much trash the 14" coil missed. It's a quieter coil but it's a beast to swing. I can move around and maneuver the 14" coil better and get it under rocks and trees better and because of it's smaller size it seems "hotter" to me on targets. I just have to decide if sucking the fun outta detecting and swinging the huge 19" coil is worth a few inches I may have gained in depth over the stock coil. The jury is still out. I've been back to 2-3 old patches with it already and haven't recovered any "big deep ones" yet although I'm fully aware of how truly rare that phenomenon is.
  12. Looks pretty cool. Used the control arm today that came with the GPZ and was able to swing the 19" coil for about 8 hours today over some old spots. No gold yet tho.
  13. There's so much open ground and club claims out there I've never understood the attraction to owning/filing your own claim and dealing with all the hassles and expenses. It's probably a great learning experience but it also sends up a big red flag to everyone as a public record you're finding gold there.
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