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  1. I got The Simplex in November 2019 so it had 2.68 on it...I upgraded to 2.76 then 2.77 in April 2020..Then up graded to 2.78 in December 2020...After all those versions i felt like the original 2.68 was the best..I successfully downgraded to 2.68 in Jan 2021 and the detector is fine..Good luck with yours..
  2. Kellyco interviewed Dilek and they spoke about an easter egg on the box...Anyone heard of this or no what it is?
  3. I did check coil connection...It should display a pump the coil message when i push forward correct?
  4. Yes it pinpoints good when i pull the switch..It just doesn't do anything when i push it to ground balance..No pump coil messege or beep ever..
  5. My nokta Impact won't display the pump coil message or make any beeping sound when trying to ground balance...Track is off..Any advice would be appreciated..
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