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  1. Very difficult to find, I've contacted fisher support and were very,let's say the least interested to help, probably because they don't make them. I'm not sure why because this machine is sold by the hundreds each year enough to support a small shop business. I even took the dimensions to see if I can have my awesome seamstress to make one,but have yet to go to her.🙄 Amazon,eBay, internet all are devoid of this handy accessory. I think the only way you will get one is if you find one at an estate sale ( used ) or you customize it. Hope that helps.
  2. Excellent suggestions especially the control box and battery packs so many problems with those battery packs from loose contacts and or springs or not taught enough to give it that full contact it needed. Hand manufacturing has its pros and cons this was definitely a con and for sure wireless audio headset capability via Bluetooth would be awesome indeed. Lipo battery for sure, rechargeable!!! Yeah buddy now we're talking. And the coil situation,hmmm that's not my area of expertise other than looking at the end results of what they can do in the end. That's an interesting take on the epoxy though changing the dynamics over time. I would assume it's perhaps due to the water elements, especially salt water? Dunno. Thanks for the thoughts though....
  3. Nice steve thanks for reassuring this for me on the Garrett side as I didn't know where to post it.
  4. Wow this news from Garrett Metal Detectors was definitely a surprise.! I didn't see this one coming. GPAA News by Kevin Hoagland mentioned this intro news this month.GARRETT METAL DETECTOR ANNOUNCES FIRST DETECTOR LAUNCH FROM THE WHITE’S ACQUISITIONKevin HoaglandVan, Texas April 17, 2021 – Mr. Vaughan Garrett Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales announced to the attendees of the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt IV, the first co-branded Garrett – White’s detector will be the GoldMaster 24K aka. GMT 24K due for release mid-year 2021.Members of the Garrett team that I spoke with including Mr. Garrett shared with me that there are Garrett technologies they wish to incorporate into the GMT 24K before release but did not elaborate on what those upgrades may be.I'm very excited about this launch, which is just a month or so away, currently I own a GM 24K ,I purchased just before COVID and wonder if we will qualify for an upgrade,if any are made. Maybe a grace period within 1 year of purchase would be fair to qualify.What are your thoughts you 24K owners? I wonder what they will rebrand to? GOLDMASTER 24K by Whites/Garrett or GOLDMASTER 24K by Garrett Metal Detectors? What do you think? I was gon a post this in the Garrett section but I'm sure I would get some stonethrowers or negative response. I'm tempted though,lol.
  5. Where's the HotSpot on the Goldbug 2 6.5" Elliptical Coil?
  6. Great, what did you try to fix it?
  7. AUFARMER did you ever get your problem resolved with the shutdown of your 24K? see my latest port if you haven't.
  8. great suggestion but the 24K doesnt have an auto off switch like the DFX. That is an excellent tip to remember though ; )
  9. just bought this BT-168D from amazon, cheap but invaluable tool.Interstingly all of my 8 batteries were 1.58 volts so batteries werent the problem but rather the darn slideout abttery pack with incorrectly adjusted contacts of which has been fixed by pulling forward and now the slop of batteries has been fixed no more shutdown! : )
  10. Does anyone have the dimensions for the control box of the Fisher CZ-3D or the Fisher M-66 Valve and Box Locator? I'm looking for a dust rain cover for the Gold Bug 2 and since they don't make the dust cover anymore for he gb2 I'm looking for an alternate solution other than custom making one. It looks like the CZ-3D or the M-66 could be similar dimensions with the GB2 but don't know. Then again I can't find a dust cover for either of them either, geez! The Gold Bug 2 control box is: 5" Deep x 3" High x 4.5" Wide Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  11. So this is a follow up after "tweaking" my slidein battery pack for the 24K of which the battery contacts prongs weren't fully extending out thereby preventing the AA batteries from making good contact with each other, this slop design would shutdown my 24K, this was a brand new machine not even a few weeks old when it started exhibiting this problem. This was my first bum machine that i had bought from Jim Mculloch, through no fault of his own i must add, it was just a design flaw or product defect, Jim has always been very helpful in rectifying issues and calling Whites direct to assist if needed. But when Whites went dark, I had to fend for myself even though Centreville Electronics was there, I had to try and fix the basics on my end first before resorting to warranty repair. In addition I also removed the control box cover to "pull" the battery contact springs outward a bit more and I did this very carefully, this extra tweak also insured the battery pack making contact with the control box making for good contact to maintain power. Doing these 2 things, will definitely improve your shutdown issue, if it's not Circuit Board issue, which i highly doubt since White's made their electronics to last for a good long time. So after making the 20 minute tweaks, I'm happy to report that my 24K hasn't shut down at all, i took it on a hunt all day yesterday and it used it literally all day long and was ecstatic that it didn't shut down because it would shut down every 15-30 minutes or so or until the batteries lost contact with each other. These battery pack issues are very common, i had the same issue with my MX7 and has since been resolved by employing the same tweak. Hope this helps for you Fellow Whites Electronics enthusiasts and users!
  12. I know Right! what a trip on the DFX, who knew?
  13. So here's an interesting thing I found in addition to pulling out the battery contacts inside the batt compartment, which is only 8 torx screws to remove,just be careful removing it since the buttons for release are near the sidewalls. So I pulled my battery pack out and noticed the batteries weren't snug,the first and last sets were both very loose causing batteries to not make contact thereby cutting off power to the unit. So I'm pretty sure that was the issue, you may want to check your battery pack as well and check for loose batteries.thankfully I had 2 extra packs and all of a snug, that as well as pulling the springs inside to make more contact with battery pack should do the trick!👍
  14. Definitely worth a try as that is exactly what rob the tech or whatever his name was at Whites support said to try if I was daring.
  15. So here we are April 2021 only a few months after Whites shut down and I'm getting this same shut down problem in my 24K no joke. Now what's interesting is that my MX7 did the same darn thing and I sent that in for repair and they replaced the entire head unit, battery pack and even gave several packs of their Alkaline batteries they used and sold ,I forget the brand but they were solid batteries,anyhow after getting it back it hasn't shut down. I suspect the 24K same problem, it will need to get the head unit replaced and the battery pack. Sometimes the contacts of the battery holder would somehow lose the connection and cause it to shut down,that's what rob or whatever told me from whites in the MX7 issue. I'll have to send to centreville electronics to have them address it, I've had it not even a year and had the issue from day 1 of taking it out. Fresh batteries too....anyhow ,if anyone has gotten any feedback from this anomaly please shout back...
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